Thursday, August 14, 2008

Angels and Pests #1

Per Ivanhoe here is my post!

Angel: His name is Dale. Dale at Metlife. I'm pretty sure that the "consultants" who man the phones at insurance companies should be well paid (oh except maybe for that first simpleton I talked to) as they have some serious complexities to sift through when it comes to the claims and explanations of benefits (and given the fact that we all pay out the nose for coverage anyway). I think Dale (my new best friend) must have a degree in helping morons like me make some sense of the nonsense that is billed, contracted, paid out and written off! To top it all off not only was he extremely helpful and patient he was friendly and professional! Given his help I was able to clear a $240 bill to a zero balance! Rock on Dale and the like (but not that first lady)!!

Pest: The "educators" that labeled Michael Phelps ADHD and told his Mom that he would never be able to focus. Shame on them!!! 13+ Gold Medals later I hope that they see the error of their ways and have a renewed outlook on what, who and how they label children. And to any mo fo' who may ever try to label any of my kids, STEP OFF me! I pity da' fool!

On the B Side: I am grateful for the day to day angels that we bump into in life!

3 shout outs:

Ivanhoe said...

Awesome job, Brit! Thanks for playing.
Now to that entrecard (ec) thing: first go to to look around and learn more about it. It's like your business card. You visit other blogs and click on their ec widget in side bar (see mine called "blog of the day"). Your click goes into their inbox and they should come visit you back. This is how you meet new friends. Also, every time you "drop" your ec, you get one ec point. Every time somebody drops on you, you get another point. When you make enough points (8 and up) you advertise on other blogs (they have different prices by popularity). That's about it in a nutshell, so check out that website and let me know if you have any questions :o)

Cliff and Cynthia (at home at work at play) said...

I read both your and Ivanhoe's post and love the angels and pests idea. I think I'll join in.
Britta, you crack me up girl. Reading your blog has really made me appreciate who you are. I am so luck y to know you and have you in my life. Four more years and I'll be able to be a more hands on grandma. Maybe sooner if I can pull it off!

Jodi said...

Oh, I HATE dealing with insurance flub-ups! Thank goodness you got in touch with a guy like Dale. Sometimes when I'm dealing with stuff like that, I just can't help singing that song in my head "If I only had a brain..." because some of them are such DORKS and just don't care (um...ok, off my soapbox now). Yay you! :0)