Saturday, July 12, 2008


Things that have not yet put me into labor or worse;

-My Dad being in the hospital not once but twice on the other side of the country
-The excitement of my only brother's wedding (which was a great thing)
-Big career shift at the office (also a really good thing but nonetheless a boat load of stress)
-Having our car stolen & subsequently dramatically recovered (see previous posts)
-A crazy incident at our home with the children that's put us all in therapy (literally)
-Time...both of my children came in the 37th week & I'm now in the 38th (this is just mean)
-Gestational Diabetes (she's going to be a BIG girl not much unlike Elles who was 8 lbs 10 oz)
-A brain tumor & lupus (oh yes, don't forget my favorite pre-existing friends)
-Working full time (up until yesterday...rock on)
-Lovingly chasing 3 pumpkin heads at home (and trying not to become 'Mommy Dearest')
-Managing a household (we're all lucky to have clean clothes most days)
-Moving due to Mortgage fraud (dishonest bastages)
-Moving into a brand new home that flooded the next day (AKA 3 days before Christmas)
-Selling our original home (which fell through after way too long into the process)
-Managing our tenants who are NOT on a contract
-Packing to move and not moving (all post fraud)
-Buying a new home (which fell through also post fraud after the last move)
-Dayton's CPAP drama & 2 sleep studies (and checking on him 4X's a night)
-MARK xxox

and if the Utah heat doesn't do it than heaven help me!

On the B Side: I'm grateful for something and if you give me long enough I'll think of it!!!!

3 shout outs:

Kristin said...

Wow! LOL... I love your B side. It made me laugh. Keep on truckin'!

Love ya',

Kaci said...

Ugh how you haven't gone into labor is a miracle!! :) Can't wait to meet her! XOXO

Clancy in Idaho said...

That was the world's cutest post! I loved it! LOL! Thanks for the chuckle precious girl! I'm a big goofball and I didn't call you today! I'm so sorry! Things were a bit nutty...

Love you, all the same!