Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blazing My Trail

I love to take notes at Church as it's the only way I remember anything (pregnant or not). I determined to gleam something good from each brave soul that had something to share this morning. Here are my little nuggets of goodness;

The Counselor conducting spoke of the simple quality time his family has spent together over the past few days and it made me thankful for those moments in my own life and anxious to have the kids return home today!

#1 - An older gentleman whose 3 grandchildren were baptized yesterday spoke about his great love and pride for them. The thing that stuck out while he spoke was the fact that he reiterated Christ's words, "Come Follow Me". He said we can follow with assurance knowing that Christ is leading. I loved that simple thought!

#2 - A Father likely in his late 40's publicly said that he feels like a failure. He was baptized in 1990 and while his words were hard to hear I so appreciated his honesty and his ability to make himself most vulnerable. It was refreshing. What really stuck out in my mind was his ability to stick with the Gospel and his family despite his feelings of inadequacy. I am certain that he does far more good than he knows. We all need to be kinder, softer and gentler with ourselves.

#3 - This speaker was a 29 year old newly wed who told how disappointed she was for some time given that her life didn't happen as she thought it would. She was raised in the Gospel, made good choices and finished the Young Woman's program successfully. When she didn't marry in the Temple according to HER time line she shut out the light. Perhaps we've all been there and know what it feels like to shut out the light. Her bottom line was that things happen according to HIS plan and in HIS time. This was something I needed to be reminded of today!

#4 - A lady who is a member of the City Council spoke about DC 135 and Government Laws being set up originally to meet the needs of the people. She stated the the constitution has the ability to protect us; that our country was ordained of God by inspired men and that we have truth. What stuck out was the fact that she said that you can break yourself against the laws and we all must pay the price. This struck me as personal accountability and consequance and reminded me of God's great love and mercy but also His need for justice.

#5 - A gentleman about my age spoke about the power of the Hymns and how the phrase "He Lives" struck him today. He spoke of our Savior as being "alive" and pondered the question, What does it really mean to know him? This is something for each of us to think about. What does it mean and how to we really come to know him?

#6 - A lady who graduated from High School in the 1980's spoke of her two Grandfather's who had both served in World War II. She shared an experience that while in HS she watched a demonstration on tv in which individuals were burning a flag. In the presence of one of her Grandfather's she out loud pondered about these people merely expressing their opinions and that perhaps it wasn't that big of a deal. Her Grandfather immediately corrected her and told her that she had no idea what people have sacrificed so that we can have and fly the flag. It is a right that has been fought for and was a strong reminder of the great significance and symbolism of our flag as she told this story.

#7 - The newlywed husband of #3 spoke about the most beautiful part of a woman being her spirit. I absolutely loved this! It was a quiet reminder that I need to feed, nourish and beautify my own spirit.

#8 - A sweet little girl got up to share her tender little feelings about our Savior. While her dress was less than one would expect for Sunday church attendance it was a strong reminder of what is real, important, why we go to church and most importantly the love of our Savior for each of us, particularly the children. I love feeling safe and being in an environment of love and acceptance and want to remember to offer the same to others present.

#9 - A High Council man spoke about his Mother. My guess is that she must be in her 70's or 80's; however, I do not believe she was present. Regardless he spoke of her living here in our country for the past 50 years. This week she will raise her arm to the square and become a citizen of the US. What an honor it will be for her and what a reminder it was to me of something so special that is such a huge part of my identity.

On the B Side: I loved feeling the Spirit today. I loved being at church and being reminded and taught. I loved all of the smiley faces and the goodness that pervaded everywhere!

2 shout outs:

Kristin said...

I'm impressed. I barely remember what anyone said today. I'm personally touched by the comments of #5. It (of course) makes me think of my mom... in a new way though. If I can honestly say the "He lives" then perhaps I can recognize that she does too. Thank you for sharing.

Kaci said...

Beautiful! I should start writing things down as well in church. I used to I don't know why I stopped.