Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow?

It already has! Last week was...shall we say...trying? I could just call a spade a spade and tell you it "sucked rocks"!! Here's a crazy run down of the events that kicked my big pregnant butt! While these are not all sucky events they did keep us busy!

-Car was stolen and subsequently recovered after a crazy day of events chalked with Cops
-I ended up being admitted again given the stress & am on watch for kidney stones (ugh!)
-I puked for the first time ever during a pregnancy & subsequently called in sick
-Kayla had Graduation
-My Dad flew in & the kids and I drove around for 2 hours (still love you Jazzy!) waiting with Ellie in her undies and Karate top & Dayton with crazy diarrhea
-I suffered through week 3 of a sinus infection & got a crazy crop of cold sores IN my nasal cavity
-Dayton had protein in his urine and was diagnosed with Pox that will endure 2 years
-We prepped for the wedding & I bought a dish set that I ended up returning (still love you Jazzy!)

On top of trying to work full time, manage a home and maintain some sort of sanity being 8.5 months pregnant it hardly suffices to say that I was less than a beaming ray of sunshine! Looking back I can see the following;

-We did get the car back
-I didn't have a pre-mature delivery
-I was able to sleep my entire sick day away
-Kayla's graduation was surprisingly painless with Mark's ex and her fam
-I got to spend quality time with my Dad & even spent Father's Day with him
-Dayton's urine resolved itself
-Jazz and Micci's wedding was absolutely delightful and full of all kinds of JOY!
-My sinus infection didn't get any worse and the cold sores were invisible to others
-My job allows for flexability & I ended up working very little

Nonetheless, I was super excited to jump into this week! Despite the fact that our housing situation has finally and completely fallen through things still feel good. The kids are healthy, D's birthday is our next big event, I've started shopping for Adalie, my cold sores are no longer raging but healing, I've been in the office several days this week and got a ton of stuff set up to get my Marky healthy.

On the B Side: I am so grateful for the sanity and comfort that the people around me bring (often without knowing it!). Thank you Shell for listening to me vent, cry and for always helping me with the kiddos. Thank you Clancy for driving all the way down to SLC. You have no idea how refreshing it was to spend time with you and Dust. It is the special people in my life who have become my family and choose to put up with me that make all of the difference! THANK YOU! xoxo

4 shout outs:

Mic and Jazzy said...

awww, sorry about the plates :-( and sorry about the house :-(

However, Cancun is a blast! That's a B side!

Britta said...

Oh stop! The plates situation was fine. I just felt dumb because I was determined to do something nice and it just blew up in my big fat pregnant face! We still want to do something nice for you guys and make sure you have the things you need for your new lives together!

Kristin said...

Britta, you are so cute! I'm constantly amazed by what you are able to accomplish. Reading about your last week makes my life (minus the one dark spot) seem fabulous. Perspective! Gotta' have it!

Clancy in Idaho said...

I found the invite!!! :) You sent it to my yahoo account that I hardly ever check... so yay! It was absolutely my pleasure to drive down to SLC. It was just as refreshing for me to spend time with you. It was SERIOUSLY fun! Loved it! Makes me wish we lived closer. Maybe someday....
Love you,
PS.. there is no putting up with you. You are so easy to love!