Friday, June 20, 2008

Sir Mix A Lot Would Have Hit That!


This was the sound that never came. All I could think about was Aunt Fanny from Robots. If you've seen the movie you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The picture pretty much tells the story. Mark and I met at the QB today for lunch and afterwards I proceeded to look at a few things for the baby. While in the store a larger older lady who was standing behind me and bent over to look at something. As soon as she did her big bottom pushed me directly into the corner of a shelf. It hurt like a mofo and Adi was not happy!

I'm certain she barely noticed as she only said, "oh" but I seriously had to go sit down because she knocked the wind out of me. It hit Adi's bum and pushed her down which only caused me to contract and her to rise up and push her little bum up into my ribs. Neither one of us enjoyed Mrs. Big Bottom's inability to judge her size or the fact that she was not equipped with the beeping noise indicating she was coming towards us! I would be mad but I was just thankful that that thing wasn't loaded!

On the B Side: I am sure she had no idea that she bumped us as hard as she did and definitely no idea that she hurt us so I wasn't upset about that. It's just that I'm clumsy enough on my own and really don't need anyone else's help making a mess of things! Some times it's just nice when people say, "Sorry". So thank you Mrs. Big Bottom for this painful reminder today!

PS - I look so much hotter as a stick figure!

3 shout outs:

Kristin said...

LOL... you have such a way of telling a story that makes it so much more interesting!

Clancy in Idaho said...

That pictures RAWKS! You are so funny. You are a pretty hot stick figure, but baby, you were smokin' at the wedding! You are seriously adorable. As is your cute story about a not-so-fun experience.

lizzo said...

Oh my gosh!!! Like the story, love the illustration.