Thursday, June 19, 2008

In the Words of the Smashing Pumpkins...

Today is the greatest!

I picked up Adi's car seat! It's so super cute and makes me even more excited! She dropped last night and so we're getting closer all of the time. On top of that I met up with Shell for dinner, had some amazing grilled asparagus/steamed brocolli, killed my urge for bread with oil & vinegar AND scored a killer pedicure!

Thanks Shell for the royal treatment tonight!! I can now rest assuredly knowing that my feet will be as cute as feet can get during delivery (and now with the new seat at least I know they'll let me bring her home!!!) Get ready to play some serious catch ;)

I also was able to have lunch with Michelle and Mike today. She looks fabulous and her spirits are soaring despite her continual struggles with MS. The experimental treatment has given so much quality of life back. She is only the 13th person in the US to have it done given the intensity and frequency of her attacks. She is driving again and off to San Diego this weekend and I really am so excited for both she and Mike!

Sarah, I did greatly enjoy your sick and twisted randomness and I don't feel bad about interupting your workout! I got a good laugh without dry heaving so I'll forgive you!!! And just so you know, hairby did die. I'm not sure what motivated you to think of me but the fact that you put so much thought and energy into such a crazy little thing actually made me smile!

On the B Side: It feels good to laugh. It feels good to have friends. It feels good to have painted toe nails. It feels good to keep life simple.

4 shout outs:

Kristin said...

Congratulations! You deserved an amazing day.

P.S. Is "Shell" Michelvis or your other friend Shell?

Britta said...

Shell is our beloved Michelvis! My children have always referred to her as Shell so I have never called her any different. The only time I use "Michelle" with her is when she's in trouble! I know it gets confusing because I do have a good friend Shellie online but I always refer to her as Shellie or Shayee. She's in Atlanta now and far away :( It does get confusing for everyone, sorry!!!

The Lingwalls said...
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Clancy in Idaho said...

YAY for great days! I'm so glad for you. I just got off the phone with you and you made my day. I'm glad DD is a happy fella!