Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Me and 14 of My Closest Friends

OH MY HECK! Check out the MAV. Yes, the Mormon Assault Vehicle. I'm ready to bind my hair in a bun, throw jeans under my long outdated skirt, strap all 14 kids in and call myself a Polygamist!

While on the way to our first Ultra Sound a few weeks ago a Toyota hopped out of it's lane heading North bound on I-15 while traveling 70 MPH and smacked off the side of my Denali. The Toyota was messed up pretty bad; however, my tank endured with minimal damage. It is now being repaired and yes, bless Enterprise Rental's...they gave us a 15 passenger van. SWEETNESS!

Looks like I'm taking my friends at work to lunch today!!!

On the B Side: I am grateful that we were safe and protected and pray that we will continually be so! Long live the 'Genali'! xoxo

2 shout outs:

Cliff and Cynthia's Harrowing Adventures said...

You crack me up! What a great sense of humor you have!
Love you guys

Fiagle Family said...

That thing is hilarious. I have never seen such a beast of a car out here! How long are you stuck driving your big white bus? Jeremy decided 3 kids is plenty. since that is all that will fit in his work car. You didnt know you plan your family around your car did you? So now you can have about 6 more!! RIght?! haha