Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jr. Jazz Basketball

Dayton had his very first game yesterday morning! He was so excited and made us all smile! He ran around and did a great job! He's the youngest on the court and still has plenty to learn but the best part is that he loves it so much!

I had to laugh because at one point he left the court to confer with his dad as he was thirsty. Out he ran to the hallway in the middle of the game to remedy this imposition! At another point during the middle of the game while he was on the court he went up to his Coach (Uncle Bryan) and said he was really tired and needed to rest!!! Of course Coach swapped him out quick but nonetheless it was comical!

He also had team and individual pictures afterwards so we're excited to see those! I can't believe my little DD Cakes is getting so big!!!

On the B Side: I am grateful that Dayton is able to have an opportunity such as this. I know that all children are not so fortunate. As his Mother it warms me heart to see him so happy and to watch him learn and grow from this experience. xxox

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