Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lucy In the Sky of Diamonds

If you purchased a Diamond ring between Jan 1994 and December 2007 you may be eligible for a settlement due to price fixing! Check out this web site

You have to be a US citizen and you have to had purchased a diamond during the specified time frame. To determine if you are eligible to submit a consumer claim you contact the Claims Administrator at 1-800-760-5431 or email

This is the link to submit an online claim.

Here's a copy of the legal documentation.

Unfortunately I do not know the details of what is actually going to be paid out but I have several friends who have qualified for hundreds of dollars; however, I do not believe it has been paid out yet. The deadline is May and the submission form online is super easy to complete and submit. You do not need proof of purchase if the total cost is under 10k (although it may be requested later from what I understand).

On the B Side: I am grateful for the little silver linings in life that pop up unexpectedly!

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