Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Loss of Our Prophet Dear

Today our beloved Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley passed away. Here is a link to the most recent information available.

This is such a bitter sweet pill to swallow! It's glorious to know that he now rests and to know that he was reunited with his sweet wife. It's reassuring to know that he now dwells with our Father in Heaven as a faithful servant. It is difficult for those who loved him so to know that he has departed this earth.

The first day I met with the missionaries and had a first discussion was the day the the former Prophet Howard Hunter passed away. I remember reading about it the next day in the newspaper and was dismayed that the missionaries left out such a crucial piece of information as I had no idea they had a prophet.

I was baptized in 1995 so Gordon B. is the only prophet I have ever known. I had no idea what a Prophet was or how much he personally would influence my life. Our Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley was an amazing person who loved the God he served with his whole heart. His testimony was in the life he lived and evident to all. May he now rest in peace with his Marjorie.

The kids and I talked about the significance of this event last night. It is priceless to see them try to wrap their understanding around the confounds of death. They seemed confused by my tears but reassured by the promise of hope that we have been given knowing that our lives do not end with death here on earth. Dayton comfortingly said, 'Mom, I will never forget' (and Ellie just couldn't wait to share the news...silly girl).

On the B Side: I am grateful for the knowledge that I have as a member of the LDS church. I am grateful for the loving and constant service of such a kind and extraordinary man. He was a man of God and lived his life as a testament to our Father in Heaven.

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