Saturday, July 11, 2009


Tonight I giggled. I love giggling. Giggling is so very Britta. It happens over the senseless stuff and likely makes me a simpleton. I am truly 18 forever at heart and some times I digress and hit closer to 10 or 11 years old!

The children and I are settling nicely into our home. We have a home again! The kids have been excited and are all about helping. They have been getting a long great with the exception of random time outs for senseless little frustrations. Tonight I was doing a second sweep of the weeds in the front yard. Rather than piling them up I was just pulling them haphazardly and tossing them without thought or regard.

In an effort to earn some more cash, the kids quickly agreed to pick them all up. What cracked me up was their different strategies. Ellie set right to work. She did not want to waste any time. She was really quick but a little sloppy because of it. She picked up a large amount of weeds this way and was very proud of herself.

Dayton on the other hand ran into the house to get a plastic bag. He was frustrated that Ellie got a leg up but he was also able to gather up a great deal of weeds. He was much more thorough and even pulled a few weeds that I had missed. He was so methodical and stuck to his plan. It worked.

I laughed to myself and then outloud as I quietly watched them set to work. They completed the task though the means to the end was so different for them and reflected their little personalities! Ellie is impulsive and moves fast in both body and mind. She doesn't like to waste time and is very determined. Dayton is more strategic and likes to think things through. He's very rational and likes to do things right and to completion. I love both of their little personalities so much!

On the B Side: It's crazy to me how inherent their little personalities are. As parents we think we have all of this control and influence over them (and to some extent we do) but they each come with their very own little pre-packaged personalities! I also love that my moonbeams are so willing to help out!

4 shout outs:

Marcy Stott said...

I am glad you are 'home'and you have such good helpers.
Lets meet for lunch one day with the kids before school starts again. We miss you...

Kristin said...

That's awesome... your kids sound like me and my husband. I'm impulsive, he thinks it through. Made me laugh!

John Boy said...

I feel so bleesed by the Lord to have such a fine daughter and all my beautiful grandchildren!

John Boy said...

And laughter is good for you, too! Hoping you have a great day!