Monday, January 26, 2009

New Monday Meme!

This is a brand new meme. All you have to do is give 5 answers to the question that is asked about yourself every Monday.

Here is the first question: List 5 things that your spouse or significant other does that drives you bananas. Join the fun and tell Jackie that I sent you!

Given that Mark rarely reads my blog I only run a small risk that I will get busted but I'm willing to take it today as I am always in some kind of trouble any way!

1. Um, the ultimate is when he uses the toilet without lifting the seat. Why he doesn't take the time to life the seat but is willing to take the time to wipe it off afterwards is beyond me. This is a nasty, awful and disgusting habit and for this reason I sanction him to his own bathroom. The rest of us do not use it. It's called hygiene. Let's say it together, sanitation. I freak out big time over this one and will never ever complain about the toilet seat being up!

2. He can never find his jacket. This is because I almost always hang it on the coat rack. He still asks every time he is ready to leave. Go figure! I remind myself often that it is good to be needed.

3. Keep in mind that the kids are trained to put away their shoes and they do a mostly splendid job of it. Why can't hubs do it? I do not understand. I've just become accustomed to putting them away myself to avoid potential casualties. Why are mens shoes so big and dumb anyway?

4. Dirty laundry belongs in the hamper. I've often contemplated not washing his clothes (though it seems mean spirited so I haven't and won't do this!) as I do tire of picking up the random piles or digging dirty socks from in between the couch cushions (who does that anyway?!). I thought that if I nagged him enough he might be willing to put them where they belong. No dice. I concede.

5. I couldn't tell you exactly what it is about his driving other than I just don't like it. He contends that it is a control issue I am struggling with and perhaps he is right or maybe I'm just too nervous for my own good. Either way, I don't like to mess around and prefer to be behind the wheel. This really is my problem and not his!

On the B Side: I thought that perhaps getting this out would make me feel better but I actually think I feel worse! Honestly, I could live with #2-5 if we could just clear up #1. Ugh.

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Jackie said...

Love your blog!!
Thanks for helping get this meme started! I can SO relate to #2 and #4. They must be born with some kind of 'clothes belong on the floor' gene!

Jackie :)

lizzo said...

This seems like a fun game! Maybe I'll have to join...and copy you yet again! :)

Nicole said...

I totally could have written #2-#5 myself. Although #2 would have to be extended from jacket to jacket/shoes/pants/wallet/cell phones/keys/glasses.

Lisa Baldwin said...

Oh, my gosh my husband and your husband must be!

You got to love them! Oh, I love your blog way to cute.

Jackie said...

Do it Lizzo, it's fun!
Britta is the best!! :)


Kaci said...


Kristin said...

Looks like fun... maybe I'll join every once in a while. I'm not too interested in coming up with the annoying things about my hubby... I'd rather search out the positive (I find enough negative already). As far as #1... try training your hubby to always sit down when he's at home. ;) That's what I plan to do with my boys. My mil trained her boys that way and it makes a lot less mess! LOL

In the end if you want to know what gets me about my hubby... check out Clancy's blog on pet peeves... I commented there! :D

Clancy In Idaho said...

Awh... Marky Mark is so cute! Lucky girl to have a husband with quirks that you would really miss if it was all suddenly taken away!

Love you!!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I love that you said why are their shoes so big and dumb anyway! Too funny. :)

Thanks for stopping by this week. Sorry it took me so long to get back 'round.