Monday, January 12, 2009

On the Road Again?

36 hours + 8 states + 3 days + 3 adults + 3 kids + 2 dogs + 1 truck = a rootin' tootin' good time (please let me be cheesy in my hour of excitement!) It's a straight shot across route 80!

Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and onto home. Home sweet home. Say it with me. Just say it with me. You know you want to and I know that you wish it were your home, too.


Yes, it is within the realm of possibility. I have made this road trip many times; however, I have not made it since I was 21. That's a lot of years ago (gulp) and if I'm ever to pull this off I will be taking three of the kids and I'M SO EXCITED! I seriously could pee my pants and not even care right now.

I haven't been home in almost 4 years and that was beyond a disastrous trip right out of the gate that time around. The kids were ages 1 and 2 and I had surgery on my foot the week before we flew (broke a bone in my foot, had to have it extracted and a tendon reattached, ugh). Not sure how the three of us made it across the country and I'm pretty sure I have blurred the whole trip out in my mind but I do so love home.

My dad has flown out here each year and while I'm always glad to have him with us, it isn't the same as being home with him. Dayton has been talking about him a ton lately and it's hard to explain the time and distance away. We're already planning a trip to Hershey, NYC, Little League Museum, family reunions, Lewisburg, the Amish Markets, Knoebels, Penn State, grave side visits, the Twin Kiss, and lots of time at the house (in the pool and with the cats!) but I don't dare set my heart on the trip too much as the thought of it not working out just sucks!

My step Dad Mikey is quite the character and I do so love him. Today we (me, Dayton, Ellie and Adi) drove to his home and he cleaned all off the dog poop off of Dayton's boots (sick, nasty and wrong task). He also cleaned it all out of the inside of my car and thoroughly cleaned the car mat (seriously, it was everywhere). He does a great job of helping me in many instances and has experienced a real softening over time that is such a blessing to myself and the children.

It was during the poop cleaning extravaganza that he mentioned his road trip to PA (in which I do so hope to hitch a ride!!). He was excited at the prospect of having company in the truck (yes truck...a brand new one that is fully loaded!) So keep your fingers crossed that it all works out, that I get the sign off from the ex and that my new job is permitting

My Mom got home while we were there and Ellie proceeded to tell her that she was going to PA with Grandpa Mikey to see Grandpa John and it looks like my Mom may be joining us. Yes, we will all fit comfortably and Harley and Lilly (huge-o labs) will be accompanying us should we be lucky enough to pull it all together!

On the B Side: I have renewed hope and excitement! I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve and I love the feeling of pure giddiness! xoxo

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Linda said...

I would be all kinds of excited, too, it sounds like quite the adventure! I've traveled I-80 from California to Connecticut several times myself and there are some truly beautiful areas of the country that it passes through.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be singing "On the road again ..." soon!

lizzo said...

Ugh, Nebraska and Wyoming. Otherwise, good for you! YAY! I hope it works out!

Kimberly said...

Awwww! I hope your trip works out! How exciting!

Thanks for the love!! I feel quite honored to be ripped off :D

Ivanhoe said...

Woo-hoo! What a trip! Hope you'll keep your sanity with all the kids & dogs in the truck :o)

Clancy In Idaho said...

Sounds like the stuff memories are made of, Britt! I hope and pray that it works out for you and yours to get to go see your papa. And dude... Grandpa Mikey gets the Champion Grandpa award for the dog poop cleanage. What an awesome dude!!!

Rebecca said...

oh this is hilarious and made me finally recall the song I made up for you and sung to you last year through OIM - remind me to tell you about it later. It's just funny because just last week we were trying to remember the song I made up for you and your post made me finally remember...

Tink *~*~* said...

Hey there, I really hope you get to go one your trip! Also, didn't know you had a new job. I've got a new job too; right before Christmas, we had The Dreaded Re-Org, which was more like a game of 52 card pickup. Throw the deck up in the air, everyone lands randomly in a different place! Anyhow, the road trip sounds like fun and make sure you've got a portable DVD player and plenty of movies!

Tink *~*~*

Kristin said...

How totally exciting!!! I hope it all works out for you (or already has). I'm saying a little prayer for you now. ;)

P.S. Stinkin' nice step dad/grandad!