Sunday, January 11, 2009

Manic Monday: Cell

I can remember a world without cell phones. I also remember the coming of age when my Mother had a GIGANTIC portable cell phone in her car. It lived in a black nylon zippered pouch with velcro all over the place and it was off limits. We were not allowed to touch that beast and frankly had no interest. I'm thinking 1986. She was one of the few people that had one and only kept it for the purpose of an emergency as she traveled some distance to work each day. This marked a time when cell phones served as a rare luxury of sorts.

Fast forward. 1994. I had one friend who had one. It just seemed rather ridiculous and the last thing that seemed desirable in my mind was being indispensable. Pushing past the next few years of college and my mission and I remember my first cell phone. After my return to the States from Europe I acquired one for the mere purpose of an emergency. At least that is what I told myself when I secured it. It did help me during one of my travels to and from Penn State on at least one unexpected occasion. Justification, I suppose. Whatever works.

I couldn't tell you the number but I can tell you that it had the cutest light blue slightly sparkly case and was one of the early Nokia bricks. Now I carry multiple phones for different reasons and spend way too much time on them. I hang my head in shame. Marky works in the cell phone industry and loves his job. He is a geek in denial when it comes to the latest and greatest cell phones, features and functionality. We all now live in a world that is full of

'Wheres my cell?'
'Has anyone seen my cell?'
'I don't know the number off hand. Let me check my cell.'
'Is that my cell?'
'Oh wait, hold on. That's my cell.'
'I so want a new ring tone for my cell.'
'Ugh, I can't stand the answer tone on your cell.'
'Whoops, forgot to turn my cell off.'
"Can't hear you. Must be my cell."
"Sorry, lost you. My cell dropped the call."

Saturday night Mark and I watched, "Seven Pounds". It is by far one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time and easily hits my top 10 list. I was so intrigued and blown away by the intricate story line and am already plotting to see it again (along with "Gran Torino"). It all revolves around a cell. I won't go any further at the risk of giving any of it away. I can tell you that I have added some new resolutions to my list after Saturday night.

It's sad and sick that we have to create legislation against cells but it has come to that for good reason because of all of the bad things that have occurred. CA has now made it illegal to text while driving. Really people? Really? We live in a crazy world if we have to make things like this illegal to keep people from doing it. Again, want to jeopardize your own life. That's fine BUT DO NOT jeopardize mine and in exchange I return the favor. Hey, thanks.

On the B Side: Cell phones are still a luxery in my mind but what I hate is that I can't live without mine. Ugh.

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Crazy Working Mom said...

I know very few numbers because I hit my address book and dial from my cell phone! That's sad. I also remember my first cell phone was a bag phone in my car. I also wrote about cell phones for Manic Monday today. I'm manic about cell phone etiquette.

Angela said...

Love the post. And I totally know what you mean about cells. However I think I wouldn't function in the Philippines without one. Long story, but it is a necessity. Texting has overtaken me...HELP!

Hope you are doing well...miss you!

Kristin said...

Amen! (I'd say more, but holding Daniel)

Linda said...

My cousin Amy had oneo of those big old cell phones that she kept in a case in her car that was there only for emergencies, too. I don't think she ever used it.

I have actually become quite proficient at texting though I refuse to text in 'text speak' - matter of fact, I truly HATE the "LOL" that so many people seem to be totaly enchanted with! If I'm going to "LOL" then I'm going to actually laugh right out loud and not type it!

And you're right, it's sad that we have to legislate something that should be common sense but that seems to be the case a lot lately, doesn't it?

Amanda said...

One of my friends saw gran torino and said it is the best movie

Laura said...

Hey Britta! I just saw Gran Torino and it was REALLY funny..almost in a wrong way? You'll see what I mean but I laughed. So did all the elderly Clint Eastwood fans around me. I'm curious about Seven Pounds, haven't heard much about it. Also, I now totally watch for people who change lanes dangerously when after turning from an intersection, you're right. Not safe!


I REALLY liked Seven Pounds. We saw it on Christmas Day when it came out. I was a little impatient and I thought it moved a little slowly, but it was very intriguing. I love that they were able to keep you guessing all the way up to the end. There are not too many movies nowadays that can do that!

Clancy In Idaho said...

Sad to say how much I love my cell phone as well....

You always had all the cool gadgets. I remember how on 5th No. you had a laptop. I thought you were SO high-tech!! (which you were, and still are!)

Kristin said...

So... back to say more. We don't own cell phones and I'm constantly reminded of how nice it would be to get one again (I had one when I met Brett, but he talked me into getting rid of it). Now that I have kids it just seems so necessary. Funny that word though! Necessary. You know, because they didn't used to exist. But hey! It's a new convenience that has made some things easier. Even if there are a load of idiots out there driving while they use it.