Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Baby

Okay, okay. I got busted for not making mention of my brother in the last post. I'm pretty sure Auntie Mic was ready to call Sigfried and Jensen on me!!! So in honor of my one and only sibling (the one who cut the heck out of our couch and phone cord at our Grandparents and DENIED) here is the latest (and certainly one of the GREATEST) photos of the one, the only JAZZY PANTS!

He's saved my life more than once (and I ain't talking about Santa!). He is just about the coolest Uncle EVER and he does seem to be carrying a little high in this pic!

He is playing Santa for their Ward Christmas party at church (special gratitude to his wife on getting him fudged into that lucky role!!). I showed my kids and they recognized him immediately...I told a tiny fib and told them it was his Halloween costume! They bought it...hook, line and sinker!!! BooYa!

On the B Side: Jazzy is easily one of my best friends (I won't say THE BEST and risk Mic's wrath again!). He's got a heart the size of China and always goes out of his way to help others. He's responsible, strategic and thoughtful. He's hilarious AND handsome...too bad I got all of the brains!! BWAHAHAHAAHAAA! Okay, okay. I jest. Wait, what did I get? Am I like Danny Devito in 'Twins'?! xxox

9 shout outs:

Anonymous said...

You mean that's REALLY not Santa?
[sniff, sniff}

bv said...

Lois, I LOVE you!!!!!! You really are great and always make me smile! Tonight is my night to catch up on everyone's lives in the bloggy world that I love so much!!!

Kristin said...

I wish I were that close to my brother. Be grateful!

Love ya!

Mic and Jazzy said...

I can't believe you posted this!

bv said...

Mic, I can't win!!!

Clancy In Idaho said...

LOL! I love it. I think Mic needs to get Jazzy his own Santa and he should do that every year! lol!

Kaci said...

LOL! He makes a great Santa!! :)

John Boy said...

I'm so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with two absolutely great kids and their spouses and the grand babies! I'm so grateful for all of these wonderful people and the joy they bring to me and so many others!
Love from Bad Dad
And yes, Britta, I will blog one of these days!

Marcy Stott said...

Ellie saw me reading this and asked "Is that the real Santa?"
He had her fooled!