Thursday, September 11, 2008

911 Never Forget

This image will forever be synonomous with the attacks on the United States seven years ago today. It is impossible to forget the moment you found out and how you felt. I had recently undergone not one but two brain surgeries at that time and had just gone back to work. A few days later on Monday 9/10/01 the dot com I worked for busted , we were all laid off unexpectedly and at that point my marriage was in shambles. Given all of these less than pleasant circumstances I was feeling pretty awful on the inside and yes, I felt sorry for myself. I woke up Tuesday morning to a phone call from my in laws who were in Boston and asked that the tv be turned on. Which channel? It didn't matter.

The first tower had been hit. We watched live as the second tower was hit several minutes later. My life was quickly put into perspective and through my sobs I knew that I was blessed. This was an extremely powerful reminder that we never have to look very far to know just how fortunate we truly are.

Because I was at home, I was glued to the tv at every moment of the day. I camped out on the couch at night. I hurt. I cried. I watched. I listened. I hoped. I ached. I prayed. People threw themselves from the buildings. People trapped beneath the rubble were tapping and I listened as the tapping ceased, as life ebbed away and as the search switched from rescue to recovery. It was heart breaking. It was mind numbing. It was surreal. Was this really happening? Yes. It was and it did. The beauty of this is is that people united. They stood together. A great strength was created not just in NYC or PA but across the Nation and around the world.

There are many images that are burned into my mind and all over again I feel grateful. Grateful for those that assisted. Grateful for those who risked their lives. Grateful the for the awareness that such a tragedy brought to our Nation and grateful for the perspective it added to my own life. I am sad for those that lost their lives. Sad for those who lost loved ones. Sad for those that took part in such an awful atrosity. Sad to think anyone would think it accomplishes anything to take the life of another. Sad for such a large scale intentional and strategic disaster.

On the B Side: I am grateful that our Nation honors this day. I am grateful that both Presidential nominees could come together, cease campaigning and remember. I can remember being at the U2 concert that November as they had an AMAZING tribute to those that lost their lives oh 9/11. If you were there you understand. It was powerful. It was moving and yes, it was spiritual. Again, I cried as we watched the names of all of those that had senselessly been murdered scrolled up the wall, across the ceiling and down the other side. From the acts that took place this day came much good and I strongly believe this is the case in each and every trial that we experience here on this earth.

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Kristin said...

Beautiful post... full of perspective. It's unfortunate that perspective doesn't always come easy. I remember that day too (of course). I had just flown home through NY a day or two earlier. My mom called telling me how grateful she was that I was home (not in Ireland or England trying to get home or, of course, on one of those planes). Thank you for your post!

Jodi said...

Oh my goodness! It's just unbelievable to me that it has been that long. It seems like all this just happened. Matt and I were on a cruise in Alaska/Canada and were on our second day of the cruise when it all happened. We woke up late and went to get breakfast and heard everyone talking about it and actually asked someone what movie they were talking about. They told us it wasn't a movie, that we should go back to our room and turn on the TV. We did and we saw for ourselves what had happened. It was unbelievable to us and still is. It's hard to believe that a group of people could feel such hatred for another group of people.

It was also amazing to see how patriotic some people became afterwards, thinking of all that had been sacrificed to help others.

Great post! :0)

looori said...

Having my birthday on that day was interesting. It really made me grateful to be alive and realize that our lives can be taken at any moment of any given day. It's important to be grateful for what we have and the time we have on this earth.

Kaci said...


Achtung Amy! said...

I had been through the Boston, Logan airport just three weeks prior to this tragedy. That was a little close to home for this Utah girl that hadn't been east of Moab until April 2001.

Thanks for the post Brit. We will never forget where we were and I hope we never forget period.

The Lingwalls said...
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