Sunday, November 23, 2008

Manic Monday: Harvest

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I found this image entitled, 'Preserving Posterity' by Lori Nicholas. I love the simple joy expressed in this picture as they reap the bounty of a plentiful harvest! The title itself speaks volumes about this image.

While I have never done any canning I did quite a few fun and very memorable activities with my Grandmother. Mommom always let me help her make toll house cookies and she kept a small craft drawer in the kitchen for me.

She had way to much spunk and was far too frank to be a typical Grandma. There were plenty of times she flat out told me how things were. I loved her none the less and am stronger because of her ability to be direct and honest. It was not uncommon to hear words such as 'nonsense', 'simpleton' and 'foolish' coming out of her mouth and she use to tell me that if my head wasn't attached I would forget that too!

I laughed last week when Vanna White appeared on rachel Ray's show. Apparently, The Wheel of Fortune is still going strong after all of these years! That show along with Jeopardy, The Price is Right, and People's Court were our shows! She kept Touched by an Angel and Walker Texas Ranger for herself as I had no interest and preferred the craft drawer!

On the B Side: While I have been absentee from the blogosphere for some time now I have been enjoying my own harvest of blessings!

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Anonymous said...

THere are many memories we get from our kitchens...I remember helpping mom with thanksgiving dinner. She's been gone for almost 20 years... miss her.

When your kids get old enough to enjoy it, pass those memories on... There's lotsa love in kitchens.

Happy Manic Monday and have a great Thanksgiving week!


Girly Stuff said...

We always watched Vanna White (not so much the actual gameshow) with Grandmother. And The Price is Right.

Grandmother wasn't a Tollhouse kind of grandparent. But she was a store-bought-Angel-Food-cake-with-whip-cream all over it kind of gal.

Your comment about Jasper's eyes had me laughing all over again! What was that all about? And yes, the kiss was painful...especially him flying across the room. The special effects were horrible!

Ivanhoe said...

Do I detect a new bloggie design? Very pretty :o)
I used to can as a kid every summer. My mother made me. The funniest thing is that it was just the two of us and we had 50-100 glasses of canned fruit "to make it" thru the winter. I never ate any. I think I developed an aversion to it :o)

lizzo said...

My grandmother's favorite shows were Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and The Price is Right as well. Too funny...

I love your titled posts. I enjoy your blog so much, please don't be absent again. I look forward to reading it because you are always so positive and whitty.

Laura said...

I loved this post Britta. made me think of my grandmother too. Good memories :)

bv said...

Lois, I have never thought of the kitchen as a place to make memories (especially given that I royally suck at cooking) but you definitely have given me something to think about! Looks like I am going to have to chase down a cookie recipe and actually now that I think of it we made a gingerbread house last week so that counts, right? The kids laughed because we couldn't get the roof to stay on to save our lives!!

Girly, Come on. The whole movie Jasper looked like someone just pinched him in the rear! The movie didn't explain it so he just looked like a funny freak without any explaination; however, if you read the books you know he is the newest and least in control! The fact that his hair was a blonde version of something from Arnold (whatchu talking bout Willis?) made it even more comical!!!

Ivana, Funny how our aversions develop! I haven't ever tasted anything that was canned but I hear that the fruit it the best! It's a shame that you put all of that time into it and weren't able to enjoy it more fully! At least you have those memories of time spent together! One of these days I'll grow a wild domestic hair and think about canning. Until then, I'm stuck enjoying the memories of others!

Lizzo, Why is it that you have not joined the ranks of Manic Monday?! Come on lady, you're killing me! Now is the time, especially with Steve being gone! Think about it and as always thank you for your kind words (and lack of drama...i loathe drama!!) See you tonight for the big bash! I'm way sad that you won't be brining your boys :(

Laura, Would you give me access to your blog already?! How unfair is it that you can stalk me and I cannot return the favor? FaceBook doesn't do the same thing so it doesn't even count. Hook me up already and let's get together again SOON!!!

Linda said...

This was a wonderful post and brought back memories of my own grandmother - not that any of them are associated with a kitchen, though, as she wasn't really much into cooking as she got older! Mostly when we would visit she'd sit in her recliner in the living room and "hold court" while she went on and on and on about everything and nothing!

Clancy In Idaho said...

Britta!!! I hope you're back in the blogosphere for real! Oh, how I've missed you, love! :)

I know your Mommom was very special to you. I just remember crunchy rice krispy treats wrapped in tin foil stashed in your closet from your sweet grandma.

Love you and glad to hear from you!

Kaci said...

Awhhh your Mom Mom sounds like such a fun Grandma! :)

triplej said...

What an adorable picture! Thanks for leaving your cuteness on my blog!

Tink *~*~* said...

Wheel of Fortune is in Hawaii this week! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Britta.

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Amanda said...

I like the new blog layout. I want to change mine but have heard to many horror stories of people lossing everything on their blog. I'm scared! I agree with everyone, we have missed your witty blogging. See you soon!!!