Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday Fab 5

1. My right and left hands saved my well intentioned day! Remember that time I thought I could pull of hosting a baby shower at the office?! I would never survive without so much support (oh and that yummy salad, the to-die-for treats and built in baby sitters!!!)

2. I filled up my tank for under 45 bucks yesterday. AW YEAH!

3. Marky stepped up to the plate. Swinger, batter, batter, batter, batter, swiiiiing! Thank you, Ba Fark for all of your help.

4. I busted through some serious knowledge objects publication at the office despite the fact that MOS is a POS!

5. The Christmas shopping has begun and I'm sooooo excited!

On the B Side: Life is good!

6 shout outs:

Clancy In Idaho said...

Ya know... you just make me feel good! Love hearing your joys! Love you.

Kaci said...

I love that gas is going down too! As much as Jon and I commute it's definetly AWESOME! :)

triplej said...

I just love your blog! Have a great week.

Achtung Amy! said...

In a day and time when bad news is around ever corner, this was a great breath of fresh air. Thanks Vixen Vaughn.

Amanda said...

So Monday's are manic, Wednesday's are wordless, Friday's are fab. What the heck are the rest of the days???? We need to assign them something or they will feel very left out.

Rebecca said...

Hey Brit Brit, my blog address changed because I can't figure out how to re-establish my old account :(

new one is

oh how do I subscribe to things like manic monday etc?

love you