Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Angel and a Pest

In honor of my friend Ivana here is this week's post.

Angel: This week's angel is a tough one as there have been so many in our lives these past few days particularly as it relates to our packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning. As I thought about it I decided that I hardly make mention of some my favorite people.

Micci has been completley exhausted with her migraines and helped on the spot yesterday. She is a hard worker and busted her heiny on behalf of my family until late into the night. As if that wasn't enough she was absolutely pleasant and wonderful despite it all the entire time. She always smiles and I love it when she giggles. She continually kicks my brothers butt while all the while standing in complete adoration of him (which he happily reciprocates). Two very happy and very helpful peas in a pod! THANK YOU!

I definitely need to make mention of Jenny. Jenny is Mark's older (but not the oldest) sister. I've struggled to know how to best develop a relationship with her. We've had some honest ups and downs but I can tell you that I really do sincerely love her. She is extremely family oriented and takes the Mama Bear syndrome to a whole new level as it extends beyond her children to include ALL of her family. She has a very protective and I respect her for being so strong and so passionate. She has stepped in many times this week and also was with us late into the night. Most of all she gave me the pep talk of a life time that brought much comfort.

Definitely note that lots of people have helped us with the move and we appreciate everyone's selflessness. The time and energy you have put into us is priceless and I do thank you. You know who you are and we are grateful for your service.

Pest: This week's pest is an easy winner. Bugs, don't bug me. Stay away from my family. Particularly, to all of the spiders and earwigs that attempt to intrude....DIE! Die, die, die. It sucked to find you in the bathroom. It was awful to find you on my leg. Terrible to have you crawl out of the diaper bag and ONTO MY ARM while at the store but if I catch you in my baby's car seat again there is going to be some serious hell to pay. In the mean time please note that the pesticide people are on their way TODAY. BWHAHAHAHA!

On the B Side: I am not working again today for the sake of continuing to move my family. The down time and the quiet time seems to be serving me well. Time to jump into the ring for the day~

4 shout outs:

Kaci said...

Awwhhhh your Angels sound awesome and the BUG...yuck. I hate bugs too! I went running yesterday and nats were all over me. GROSS!

Clancy in Idaho said...

I wish I was there to help you move. I am looking forward to the day that I am independently wealthy and can just drive down whenever there's a call for help!!

Love you and your sweet, big heart.

Kristin said...

Wow! I'm so clueless! I didn't know you were moving. I wish I could come help, but I'm afraid I'd be more in the way than anything. I hope it all goes well and quickly. Also, glad you get to stay home and have some down/quiet time.

Ivanhoe said...

Congrats on your successful move, Brit! You deserve the downtime :o)
I hate bugs, too. I love how you talked to them in this post and put them down (lol).
I'm glad you're still playing. It's just you and me ;o)