Friday, September 26, 2008

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ELEVEN TWELVE

The title of this post is to be read to the tune of the Sesame Street song. You know the one. Read it again and sing along.

1 The number of children that Mark and I have together (go team Lee Lee!)

2 The number of years that Mark and I have been married (bless his patient heart!)

3 The number of younger sisters that Dayton has (aye carumba!)

4 The total number of kidlets in our family (each special, unique and so very loved!)

5 The number of domiciles we have lived in since #2 (we like to move it, move it!)

6 The number of smiles found in our home (on most days but not all days!)

7 The number of jobs that Mark has had since #2 (he's a persistent mo fo!)

8 The number of children's hands and feet in our home (busy, busy hands and feet!)

9 The total number of Grandparents in our children's lives (lots of lovin'!)

10 The age in weeks of our baby cakes (she completes us!)

11+ The number of times the word, 'Mom' is heard / spoken / uttered / whispered / yelled / cried / whimpered in our home (it's good to be needed!)

On the B Side: Life is all about the journey and ours is one wild ride! xxox

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The Lingwalls said...
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also known as shell said...

where's # 12?

Mark you are one patient mo fo!


Girly Stuff said...

You may end up loving this song as much as me...

It was on the season opener of sesame street this year...when did sesame street become cooler than my life?

Leah said...

what a cute post!!

Kristin said...

LOL... I totally sang the title in my head before even reading that is what I was supposed to do!

Can I just say, "SOOO CUTE!!!" This is the cutest post. How do you come up with this stuff. I love it... LOVE IT!!!

Clancy in Idaho said...

Aren't you a clever girl!! I was singin' before I read it too...

Love your cuteness...

Kaci said...

That was just awesome! LOL!! I love it!