Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Angel and a Pest #2

True to form and compliments to Ivanna here is my post.

Angel: Mo Mo. Squishy Bug. K Mo. Call her what we may, McKayla is this weeks angel and also today's birthday girl! Happy 6th Birthday to our not-so-little-girl! She is the care giver in our family. She is the one who worries about everyone else and never wants anyone to feel bad. She has a desire to do good and is a great listener. On top of it all, she is always telling me that I am the smartest girl she knows! I have no idea what prompted this but she also contends that I am way smarter than her Dad as well! "Huh, Britta?" she will ask after make these proclamations! She is darling and also a very special part of our blended little family!

Pest: J. Perry is the recipient of this title this week. While I have no idea who this person is I do know that this person recovered a check that I lost in February. Rather than doing the right thing this person took advantage dishonestly for the sake of personal gain. While it was written out to me, J. Perry took it upon him or herself to endorse and deposit this check. The bank took it upon itself to accept this check and hence is a runner up for the pest title this week. I only have two questions; 1) What the heck is wrong with people? and 2) Is the Bank really that careless? I hate dishonesty and incompetence!!!!

On the B Side: Mark and I get to spend the day with Kayla tomorrow! Also, once we get the mess straightened out with the bank J Perry will be held accountable as the moron deposited the check into his or her account. Way to go, Einstein.

5 shout outs:

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday McKayla! Hope you have a great day!

What a dummy (J. Perry, I mean) to deposit a check dishonestly. Does this person really not have a clue? Sorry you have to go through all the junk involved with recovering it. Good luck!

Tootie said...

He or she deserves to get caught, but it takes a real idiot to trap themselves. Hope you soon have things back in order. :-)

Kaci said...

Happy Birthday McKayla!! :) 6 years old!! That one hand plus a finger!! WOW!! :)

And GRRRR! I hate dishonest people! I'm sorry you are having to go through that...good luck Britta!

Ivanhoe said...

Very happy birthday to your little angel!
I cannot believe that bank would ever let somebody else cash check written out to you. I guess if you ever loose a check again, just have the issuing company stop payment on it immediately.
I have yet to come up with my Angel/Pest post. I think I'll do it tomorrow.
Have a wonderful weekend, I hope there is a big party for McKayla going on :o)

Leah said...

Happy 6th birthday to your daughter! My daughter turned six back in May. She likes to remind me about how much more grown up she is now that she's six. wahhh! (LOL!) I hope she had a great day.

And OMG about that check!!! How frustrating! I hope it all gets worked out quickly.