Monday, July 21, 2008

Adi's Story Part I

Before I forget or jumble up the details I want to get this information out of my head! Adi was my most difficult pregnancy for several reasons but interestingly enough she was my easiest delivery. She weighed the least of my children at birth and also measured the longest of my children at birth. She is mostly bald, has really pretty petite facial features and a perfectly shaped head! She's super healthy and doesn't even suffer much jaundice! Here are the details of her special day...

Given my weight loss, diabetes, decrease in fetal movement, her lack of growth and the cessation of contractions the end of this pregnancy involved a few trips to L&D and also a medical induction. Amazingly enough she arrived within minutes and without event. The doctor immediately let me hold her which was different than my experiences in the past and really special for the Baby, Mark and myself.

Clancy drove in at the from Idaho Falls and arrived shortly before 2 AM. How is that for a true friend? I honestly can't tell you how blessed I am to have her and how much it meant to me to have her with us. She sacrificed quality time with her family on a weekend and drove to SLC in the middle of the night to be here with us during this special time. She was a great coach and we were honored to have her with us. She and I were up early chatting when the hospital called and confirmed we were scheduled at 8 AM.

I WAS SO EXCITED! She, Mark and myself went to the new IHC facility; IMC. The nurse started my antibiotics. After four hours they did another round of antibiotics and started the pitocin to begin inducing labor. The contractions started up and after the doc broke my water (with a really long/crazy crochet looking hook) they really started to frighten me as I had no idea how long we would be in labor.

My Mom, Mike and Michelle joined us in the delivery room as we waited. I begged for an epidural and labor progressed very quickly from this point. I thought I had to use the rest room but it turns out that the baby was just ready to join us! Following Sarah's inspiration we had Clancy, my Mom and Shell join us for the actual birth.

Shell had one leg, Clancy had the other, the nurse was following the contractions and telling me when to push while the Doc busied himeslf with the details. Mark was able to remain up by my head and stroked and kissed my forehead as he quietly reassured me that I could do it. I know it was really hard for him to watch me struggle (I could see his eyes well up during my most painful moments of the day and know what a helpless feeling that must have been) so it was nice to have others manage everything else so that he could just concentrate on me and the babe.

After five strong pushes Adi quickly arrived. We were waiting for her to cry but Shell beat her to it! I immediately got ot hold her and was able to bond with her while the Doc took care of everything else. Mark did get to cut the cord and stayed right by my side as I held our Adi for the first time. She has already brought so much joy into our lives!

Dayton and Ellie were there in perfect timing. They arrived at around 5 PM, came into the room to hug me quickly and were back in the room just moments after Adi was born at 5:15 PM. They have been super excited and so sweet with her. They had their 'Big Bro' and 'Big Sis' shirts on that a friend of mine from work and his wife made for them.

Kayla arrived while the everyone else was in the cafeteria so she was able to spend some quiet time acquainting herself with her new little sister. K hopped up in my bed and we placed Adi in her lap. Kayla wouldn't look at her and refused to touch or kiss her! I think she was just nervous/excited/unsure. She warmed up and quickly put on her 'Big Sis' shirt as well!

I can't believe she is already 3 days old. I want to keep her little forever! She is absolutely perfect! It all feels so surreal now even just mere days later. The day was filled with laughter and fun (which actually made the contractsions easier to bear!). Shell gave up a cool fanny float with her pals to join us. She made special CD's, brought movies and bought magazines for the big day! She was a huge help with the kids and kept me laughing throughout the day! It was good to be surrounded and supported by the people that I love the most!

On the B Side: I am so grateful that Adi is healthy! It was such a relief to have her and I still can't get over how absolutely perfect she is (I'm so partial and I so don't care!). Do I really get to keep her???

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