Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Week

Adalie is now a week old! One week ago today they were breaking my water right about now. I was propped up in bed in my little hospital gown surrounded by loved ones as we tried to patiently await Adi's arrival. Our lives were about to change forever and even just after the short time she has been with us I cannot imagine our lives without her. She is so familiar and such a beautiful and perfect addition.

We chose the name Adalie as I was looking for something French. Ellianne is also French and was named after a wonderful lady I met in Liege while serving in Belgium. Adalie is also French and means "of divinity". There was nothing more perfect for our little girl knowing that she was coming straight to us from above! Once I read, said and understood this name I knew it was the one for our little girl. She is yet another miracle in our lives given all of the odds being against her arrival!

Her middle name Elizabeth is after my dear friend Liz who recently moved back to Canada. Liz is yet another friend that I will carry with me across space and time. I cannot recount the countless times she has been there for me, helped me, comforted me and supported me even when she didn't understand or necessarily agree. Liz, If you are reading this you have no idea how much I miss you! We hope and pray that our little one possesses and develops many of the special characteristics that make you who you are.

I love the the cuddle time. I love the little granny legs all pulld up tight. I love all of the little noises and squeaks. I love the soft feel of her skin. I love the little kissy lips. I love the little froggy no-butt. I love her eyes as they dart around and doze off. I love her hands that she cuddles up to her face just as she did in the ultrasound. Everything about her is so easy to love!!

The other kids have really been good. Mark has kept them busy this week and everyone seems to be adjusting well. They all love to see her, to hold her and to help care for her. Dayton has been rocking his CPAP machine and will start 1st grade on Tuesday. Ellie has had a few emotional break downs but loves to help and is excited to spend time at home before she starts Kindergarten in September. Kayla isn't here much but apparently has been wearing her "Big Sis" shirt every night at her Mom's.

On the B Side: It's been really nice to have Mark home. It has been an adjustment as normally he works so much but now that I have really gotten use to having him here it's just about time for him to start back to work! At least we have had some quality time together as a family. I want to freeze time at this moment but since it's just not realistic I'll just appreciate what is and smile remembering.

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Allison said...

congratulations!! :)

Kaci said...

That was beautiful Britta. Makes me think of those first few weeks when El was born. They grow up too fast. Enjoy! :) XOXO

Clancy in Idaho said...

So precious. Beautifully written, my dear one! I loved how you described all the little baby things... the froggy no-butt, kissy lips, granny legs, noises and squeaks... it brings back my babies in my mind too.

love your cute face!


Jodi said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE all the baby noises. Those have got to be my very favorite sounds in this world. So sweet! :0)

Kristin said...

Amazing! That is beautiful. I can't help but look forward to my day and hope and pray that I'll have your attitude and ability to see past the difficult parts.

Miller Fam said...

I love baby bums. I was so disappointed when my first baby was born he weighed 4lb. 13oz. and had no butt, it was devistating. Adi is so beautiful and I am so glad to hear everything is going so well.

Liz said...

I read this the other morning before work and had to re-do my make-up 'cause you made me cry. I left a comment but i must have had tears in the way and didn't see that it actually didn't post.
I miss you guys so much!