Monday, June 23, 2008

Still Going

Adi and I are like the Energizer bunny! We saw Doc N this morning and have started to efface. The process is in the works but there is just no telling when we will have a birthday but we are getting closer! I measured at almost 37 which wasn't great news. He talked about gestational diabetes babies having bigger shoulders, birthing difficulties and permanent damage from delivery due to nerves being stretched in the neck and back. I did lose more weight but my blood pressure was great.

It looks like we may be having a C-Section given all of the risks. I'm also on the hook for not monitoring my blood sugar and have to report in early Thursday morning. This means insulin and weekly fetal monitoring. :( I'm tired as all get out all of the time but was pleased to get a bunch of cleaning done this weekend. I also got the crib set up and took care of a bunch of returns. This week I will tackle the basement...ugh. I'm determined to keep moving though so we'll see!

My Dad was in the hospital yesterday. I know he'd like to believe that all is well and that he is of 'good Nordic stock' but it makes me nervous. They were able to rule out his heart and a blood infection; however, it appears he has some type of muscle disorder. He's supposed to go back today so I am anxious to hear more from him. We've had a promise for years that there are no secrets. We agree that with holding information is dishonest, especially when it comes to these difficult matters. He's always upheld his end of the deal and I'm holding him to it now for sure!

Last night we had dinner at my Moms. It gave Dayton a chance to serve everyone since he didn't get to do so at school last week. Ellie insisted that she help out as well and the two of them were cuter than cute about it! Dayton was well pleased with himself and kept taking bows. Ellie was so excited about being a "waitress" and having responsibility! I think we have so me new traditions and I'll be honest that having them help clear the table was so helpful!

On the B Side: Jazzy and Micci return today or tomorrow! YAY!

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Clancy in Idaho said...

Yay for D and Ellie serving! That's so cute! I'm glad it was helpful for mommy too. Keep us updated on your dad, if that's ok. We will keep him in our prayers. Love you!