Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From Clancy's Jar...

How many siblings do you have? Describe them. Tell a story about you and each of them.

I have one brother. His name is John but I have never in my life called him that, not even in jest. He has been Jazz for as long as I can literally remember. It sounds so foreign, so strange when others refer to him as John and frankly it irks me. Thankfully his new wife calls him Jazz and he even goes by Jazz at work! Jazz just married the love of his life about a week and a half ago and I must say that this is easily the crowning moment of his life to this point as I have never seen him any happier! Not only is his bride beautiful but she's a sweet heart and a half and the perfect compliment to my little Jazzy!
He is tall, with really white teeth and baby blue eyes. His hair use to be blonde and had curls to die for! He is almost three years younger than myself and has a heart the size of Texas. He's the strong patient one with a mind of his own. He's very private and keeps much to himself (although he is the King looper but that's another post!) He loves to tease and giggles like a school girl rather regularly. He is truely a kid at heart and still loves to play whether anyone is watching or not! His vocabulary is hilarious as he still mangles words and tries to sneak the most absurd pronounciations past others while keeping a straight face and knowing that he completely slaughtered it. It's vit-i-min Jazz, not vit-e-mon!!!!!

He's a trickster and likes to pull pranks. The best was probably the time he taped the spicket in the kithecn for my Dad (annual occurance in our home) except that year Libby got it and dude she was not happy! He's super particular about some things (like his car) and completely careless about others (like his laundry). He's quick to help others and loves to quietly serve. He's very much a night owl and quite a sleepy head in the morning (how many times can you really hit the snooze button???). He's a hard worker and always rises above the occasion. I'm way proud of him and so happy he has his Micci!

We have a crazy amount of memories together especially since it was just the two of us. In the mornings we would get ourselves up for school as my Mom left for work early and my Dad worked a lot of night shifts and was not yet home. When we were really young we would head next door to my Grandparents but by the time I was in 5th grade we stayed at our place and took care of ourselves. Most of the time we did really well. He would hit the snooze button on three different alarm clocks for an eternity and be barking at me by 7:10 every morning because he insisted we never be late. Did I mention he can be a bit of a control freak?!

We didn't have to leave until 7:30 at any point in time. We use to walk to the bus stop together and when I was old enough to drive the rule was that I was allowed to drive to school provided that I take him. I use to make him scrunch up and lay down in the hatch trunk of my Dad's Porsche so that I could pick up a friend. Sure enough he'd climb into the little hatch back, curl up in the fetal position and everyone seemed happy. He got a ride to school and honestly I don't ever remember him complaining or telling on me! I got to drive and pick up a friend! He was a way good sport.

There were plenty of fun times to be had and I'm sure that we had more than our share of them! From diving for Star Wars characters in the pool in the back yard as the morning sun came up to playing school in the playhouse that my Father built for us to swinging on the rope on the big tree behind the boat house to building bike ramps for our banana seat Huffy bikes on the grassy alley! We always had a blast and were good friends at the end of the day (even the day he hit me in the mouth when we were supposed to be sleeping nad knocked my tooth out)! Jazzy, you are the best and I sure do love you!!!

On the B Side: I am so grateful that Jazz and I had and have each other! I can't imagine my life without this little pesky brother of mine!! Life with him was always an adventure (like the time he broke his ankle while my parents were away for the weekend...BIG DORK!)

P.S. Two Things; 1) All I can say is that you're lucky my thumb nail grew back after that little stunt you pulled back in the day! 2) Thank you for not decapitating any of my children's stuffed animals as your tendency has been in the past!!!

2 shout outs:

Clancy in Idaho said...

I love Jazz. He's so great. He was definitely the annoying little brother for those two or three weeks at Oakridge, but oh how he endeared himself to me! "YOU... DOIN' THAT THING YOU DOOOO" in all the wrong pitches and notes! What an adorable goofball of a studmuffin you have for a brother!

Love you and your baby belly...


Kristin said...

I love that you answered this jar question. It's so fun to read what you had to say about your brother. It also makes me reflect on my relationship with my brother and sister (and makes me a little sad). I love them though and thought this was a fun journal.