Sunday, June 8, 2008

33 Weeks and Counting

Yes, Adalie and I have made it successfully past our 33 week mark. I have all the amniotic fluid I am going to have and the amount will remain consistent until delivery. Adi's brain continues to grow, and increase the size of her head(hopefully it won't get too big!) She continues to develop fat deposits under the skin (hopefully not too many!) and changing the color of her skin from red to pink. She is approximately 17.5 inches long and weighs a little over four pounds now. She does get the hiccups quite often which is a weird sensation but so dang cute!

I was at the Diabeteic Clinic to meet with the nurse this week and I also had an appointment with my OB. I've been managing my diabetes with diet and exercise as to avoid insulin. However, some how I managed to lose another 3 lbs. That puts my total weight gain around 7 lbs. Ordinarily I would think the weight loss was a sweet deal but right now it makes me nervous. Adi is super active and her heart rate is good but I can't help but worry.

After my next appointment with Doc N we will begin weekly appointments. I will feel better about that. It's funny because when we got married Mark really wanted a baby. Again, I was always told that I could not bear children (proven them wrong twice now) and actually was informed that my brain tumor was active again so I really thought it was out of the question. Mark was not open to the thought of adoption at that point. For whatever reason it happened and I got pregnant against all odds again.

We had really hoped to have two back to back since the age gap would be somewhat significant relative to our other children (5 years). I loved having D&E so close together (15 months) and really thought it would be wonderful all over again. Tonight for the first time I sincerely realized that my health will not permit this. Each pregnancy has brought additional complications to my already compromised and complicated health. It was a sobering thought but one I realistically accept.

On the B Side: I am grateful for the blessings that have come into my life. There is so much to feel hapy about and there is so much that cannot be explained or understood and simply must be accepted and embraced. I want to enjoy the remainder of this pregnancy knowing that this is the last time I will have this beautiful experience. Despite the struggles that have come I love knowing that I have enough strength, enough energy and enough health to bring another little spirit into our family.

3 shout outs:

The Krystal said...

The time has gone by so fast. I remember reading your blog when you found out you were with baby. You are almost there, and I remember when you found out you were pregnant with D. My how the time files. Yes, it's me, Krystal from college.

Cliff and Cynthia (at home at work at play) said...

You looked wonderful yesterday! So healthy and vibrant. Motherhood is for you...for sure. I look forward to the day that we can hold little Adalie in my arms!

me said...

I was just going to email you to see if you ever hear from Krystal. And here she is posting on your blog. Yeah. I'm happy that things are going well for you. I also remember you being pregnant with the first two. I don't know how you do it. You have such strength and grace. I'm lucky to have known a person like you. You are in my thoughts often.