Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just Another Day

Bean Cake has a touch of pink eye in her right eye. I had to hold her down for the drops last night (which was completely miserable for both of us) however this AM she cooperated as it meant that she could go to hang out with Shell today for the sake of not spreading it around school. She had a really fun day and we were way lucky to have a Shell who could help out! Our Betty is fast asleep accompanied by the ballerina she painted with Shell!

DD seemed content to go to school today and knew he was leaving early to meet his new friend, Christian. He was all smiles this morning and ran right into class barely stopping to hug me good bye! Mommy Amy picked him up at 2:30 and we met up complete with treats to keep him satiated. Christian was a huge hit and is going to help us help Dayton. He did have a "Y" (for BYU) on his phone but luckily DD had one of his blazing red Utah shirts on to let him know where his loyalties lie!

I haven't seen my Marky in what feels like forever. He's been working like a mad man and I do miss him so. I'm trying to stay awake tonight for the sake of spending some time with him but I'm fading fast. Jazzy is in Cali with Micci for their engagement photos (don't forget to smile Fluffs!) so things seem extra quiet around here tonight. I wish Liz was nearby. Everything just feels kind of sad in a good way.

I'm in love with Blake Lewis' 'How Many Words' and have listened to it a bazillion times tonight while the kids both drifted off to sleep. Time for me to catch some more zzz's before the swimmer does any more laps tonight. Coincidentally Marky felt the our little one tumbling around for the first time the other night while I slept.

On the B Side: Thank you Shell for your help today. You are a life saver and we love and adore you so. Our lives continue to be touched by you in so many countless ways. Thank you Amy for being such a special part of the kids lives. I appreciate you and your willingness to make time to work through some of the more challenging stuff and be part of the solution. Not only are the children are blessed to have you in their lives but so am I. xxox

4 shout outs:

Amy, Spencer, and Kids said...

Aww! That's sweet. I would do anything for our babies. Thank you for your gratitude.
-Mommy Amy

Clancy Passey said...

Britta YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so heart you back, my lovely lovely friend! You are such a treasure to me!!!! Thank you for being my friend.

Shellie said...

So who are you rooting for on Idol?

Liz said...

Poor Ellie Pinkerson :(
I miss you guys!