Tuesday, March 4, 2008

19 Weeks...Dream On!

Dear Baby, Today you are 19 weeks old in utero. You are busy swimming around and the rest of your family can't wait to feel your movements! It won't be long as we are quickly approaching half way (next week, yay!).

This week I found out that you can dream and it is something that I hope you are able to do the rest of your little life! Start now and never stop as the world will soon welcome you and will be all yours.

You can hear and also startle with loud noises. You are approximately 6.5 inches in length and weigh around 8 ounces. We'll listen to your heart again this week and always love knowing that you are doing well.

You will have lots to do and 3 siblings to keep up with once you grace us with your presence! They love to talk about you and give you hugs through my belly.

On the B Side: I love the miracle of birth! I think it is amazing that two single cells combine and subsequently create trillions (no lie!). I am in love with learning about this marvelous process and cannot imagine how anyone could ever deny the existence of a loving Heavenly Father!

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Clancy Passey said...

Yay Baby!!! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....

Amen to your B side, sweet girl!