Monday, March 17, 2008

Funny Girl

Since Dayton got his own little post I want to make sure Beans gets some recognition of her own! This picture is one of her many self portraits!

Here are some funny things that our little funny girl has said over the past few days;

While at the bakery for Shellbait's birthday Shell was pointing everything out in the window that she wanted. When she asked Ellie what she wanted the response was this;

"I guess noffin' since you're going to eat it all!"

While still at the bakery Ellie borrowed a SLC magazine from my Mom and was paging through it. She pointed to one picture and said with a smile on her face;

"That is so tacky!"

We all had to ask her to repeat herself to be sure we heard her correctly before roaring with laughter!!!

She had a few other zingers that escape me now but I think it's clear that she's also her own little person!

This is a picture that she staged and perfected of one of her favorite toys. It took her three different shots and each time she kept getting closer. This is the final product that she seems rather pleased with;

On the B Side: I love the innocent commentary that pops out of their precious mouths! Children each have such a unique perception of this crazy world around us!

2 shout outs:

Fiagle Family said...

My girls love the pet shop animals too. We have way too many! ITs amazing how much they already learn or even mimic what they hear other people our ourselves say. It definately has made me a bit more cautious before speaking

Michelvis said...

That kid and her comment is the reason I console myself with donuts. I think I told everyone and their dog that story of you're sweet "innocent" child insulting me. Why didn't she just come right out and call me fat A ???? You KNOW "tacky" did not come from me. :)