Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baby Cakes Week 22 in Utero

Baby girl now has fingerprints of her own! This unique identifying feature will be hers and hers alone for her entire life. She has hair on her head that will likely all fall out after she is born. Her nose has a more defined shape given the formation of the soft bone in her face.

She weighs around one pound and is approximately 12.2 inches in length. In a few weeks we will enter the third trimester. To date I have gained less than 5 pounds but continue to expand anyway! Work just shelled out a very pretty penny getting me a special custom ergonomic chair which really makes life wonderful on my back. Unfortunately there isn't anything that can be done about my swollen feet or heart burn!!!

Next year at this time baby will be 8 and a half months old. To date we have agreed on Adalie (french and pronounced add-a-lee) but that's subject to change as has been the trend!

Ellie enjoys browsing online to help find girly things. She's picked out a crib set that she insists on...we'll see about that! Her favorite past time is looking for things for the baby online. She is always kissing my belly which is sweet.

As for Dayton, he's accepted the fact that he will have three little sisters and carries on by occupying his time with skiing lessons, swimming lessons, field trips, holiday parties at school and recently his lost tooth!

On the B Side: The only thing that is constant in this life is change. I am grateful for the ever changing circumstances in our lives! There's always something happening, always something unexpected popping up and always plenty to keep me busy ;)

4 shout outs:

Shellie said...

Adalie is so cute. What's the crib set that ellie has her heart on? got a link?

Britta said...

click on the bolded words 'crib set' in my post to see her choice!

Shellie said...

okay I'm a dork... I did see that it was bolded... but I just thought it was bolded. I love the polka dots.

Anderson Family said...

Love the name. Adorable!