Tuesday, February 12, 2008

16 Weeks

Today baby is 16 weeks! In another 2 weeks we'll know the gender & two weeks after that we will be half way done! Baby is 4 inches big and weighs 3 ounces. I can definitely feel baby moving around but Doc said it would be another 4 weeks before anyone else can feel these movements.

We got a clean bill of health and all continues to go well. My tummy is popping out and is solid as a rock...and it ain't my killer abs!!! I'll continue to work full time until the baby is born. Looks like we'll be adding another little Leo to the fam!

On the B Side: I am grateful to be healthy and feel good during this special time.

4 shout outs:

Shellie said...

Have you been craving anything?

Fiagle Family said...

Ok third times a charm. Ive written this comment 3 times now!! Your blog just doesnt like me!
SO ...Do you wish you are having a boy or a girl? Now really no..ohh I just want it to be healthy. You have to care just a little bit. And the pic of your bro and sis in law is so cute. They look cold...but cute! I think I should post an outside pic to go with everyones snow pics. It was 70 today! But I wish we were playing in snow!

Clancy Passey said...

Treasure those little kicks and movements.... those are what I miss most of all about being pregnant! I so love you and send you heart messages of joy, happiness and peace!!

Britta said...

Shell, my cravings consist of cheese quesaedilla's from Cafe Rio! I've also longed for egg drop soup! Marky's been really good to accommodate me and my silly whims!

Amanda, I will welcome a boy or a girl; however, I am quietly pulling for a boy for Dayton's sake!!! He's already got two sisters and is bored to death of them and there stinky pink girly ways!