Wednesday, January 23, 2008


When I was a little girl we lived next to my Grandparents. Poppop was a Dentist so they didn't keep a ton of candy with sugar at their house; however, Mommom always kept a Weis bag hanging from the back door in the kitchen by the steps leading to the basement containing much coveted Smarties! Today the Smarties in my life are even more delightful!

During a quiet car ride home from Grandma Mikey's Ellie innocently asked, "Mom, Why are you disappointed in me?" and I responded that she had not been listening. Her response was "Can we please not talk about this anymore?"

Last night Dayton lit up like a light bulb and exclaimed, "I know. Let's name our baby Jesus!". He had all the pride that a little five year old could manage. He was so proud of himself and thought it a splendid idea!

On the way to school this morning Ellie explained to me that "Sharks eat humans and well that they swim around them and then flip over and bite people in the bottom." She also insists that sharks eat human legs regularly.

Today when Jazzy came home from work Dayton hopped up and emphatically proclaimed, "Whoa, you crapped me out". I think he was going more for "You scared the crap out of me" and it made me re-think some of the things that may slip out of my mouth!

On the B Side: I am grateful for their inquisitive nature and their ability to think about things on their own. I am thankful for their bright little minds and their desire to learn. They make their Momma giggle...I mean proud!

3 shout outs:

Shellie said...

you're kids say some funny stuff brit. I love it. Sold the condo! :(

Fiagle Family said...

Thats ok mine have started saying things...that make me realize ..oops I shouldnt say that crap...say it way tooo much.

Krystal said...

Ok smarty go to a party! :)

I'm the bad aunt that teaches the nieces and nephews things like calling everyone fatty when I'm driving. The reason why it's bad is because I think it's so dang cute!