Friday, January 25, 2008

My Moonbeams

This photo is one of the very first taken of my Moonbeams together! It's hard to believe how much times as passed and how quickly it has gone. So much has happened in that time and I have to admit that as wonderful as every stage is...our lives together just keep getting better! Each stage seems to trump the previous even when you can't imagine it being any better. Does anyone else feel this way?

Last night poor Ellie was a disaster. She was so tired and had herself worked up. I allowed her to come lay on the couch with me for a little bit. She laid quietly for a few minutes and than randomly asked, "Mom, why are ants small and we're big?"

A discussion about our Heavenly Father ensued which quickly led to the topic of what happens after we die. I couldn't possibly tell you why/how her little mind led to that but we have talked about this often. Again we talked about our spirit going to heaven, like a ghost a very friendly ghost and she giggled and asked, 'like the Holy Ghost?'. Yes Ellie, like the Holy Ghost! Contented my tired little girl passed out moments later. The mind of a 4 year old is rather perplexing and so intriguing to me!

Dayton has been enjoying Kindergarten and had a field trip to the Dinosaur Museum this week. He was excited as previously his dad had taken him there and most of the kids in his class had not been there before. He was anxious to show them all of the fun stuff and is anxious to go back. Being that today is Friday it's his day to hug Ariana at school. Apparently they made a promise to hug every Friday but only on Friday!

Today after school we're going to the Aquarium for some more fun. Tomorrow AM Dayton has his last Junior Jazz game for this season. The rest of the day will be consumed with cleaning, laundry and naps. I have a trunk full of stuff for DI and should finish unpacking one of these day ;)

On the B Side: I am grateful for each day we have together! I have a darling little family and feel so blessed dispite the hardships that come. It's the day to day stuff that means the most as the time is so precious and moves so quickly.

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Shellie said...

They are so tiny! I still remeber you in all your preggo glory with Ellie. Your hair was so LONG!