Friday, November 26, 2010

Simple Abundance

There's a little sign that hangs above my sink in the kitchen that reads, 'Simple Abundance'. I've learned (often the hard way) that it's the little things, the simple things that take on the most meaning. This is the principal behind my love for our old faded Buzz Lightyear blanket. Today was an emotional day for me for many reasons and I really want to focus on the sheer sweet goodness of it all. Here is a short list of the things that touch my heart and keep it warm;
  • Dayton - I often sit back and marvel at the miracle he is, how it all happened and just how lucky I am to have this sweet little boy. Monday I was in a pile of tears and he just sat and quietly rubbed my back. Surely if he were a Care Bear he'd be Tenderheart Bear. Need I say any more? So.Easy.To.Love.
  • Ellianne - She's got a smile that is full of life, light and everything good. She's bright, sharp and shiny. She doesn't miss a thing and know how to take charge of a situation. I love to sit back and quietly watch her in action. If she were a Care Bear she would surely be Fun Shine bear with darling angel kisses scattered across her face (and then she would tell you all about it!) So.Very.Endearing.
  • Adalie - Oh the grand finale she is! She is a little firecracker and burns white hot. She doesn't stop moving, has a very determined mind of her own and loves, loves, loves to be held. She is the perfect blend of tender meets strong. She really does complete us and if she were a Care Bear she would be Brave Heart and she would have the funniest and fiercest little roar to prove it. So.Absolutely.Darling.
  • Phone Call Home - I started off the day with a call to my Dad and I must say that there are few things that warm my heart quite like a quiet chat with him. He's the ultimate life coach and way better than my favorite comfort food! I will take a 5 second convo with him any day over a new pair of cute shoes!
  • VM's from Dear Friends - I received several today unexpectedly and I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. I was touched knowing that they thought of me and bummed that I missed the actual calls. This simple act of kindness brings tears to me eyes and makes me feel so grateful to have such genuine friendships in my life. I love being connected.
On the B Side: While it was different being on my own on Thanksgiving it certainly gave me time to quietly reflect on the things that mean the most to me in this life. I secretly love the quiet down time but am always happy to be up and running again when life hits...and it always does!

4 shout outs:

Kristin said...

You are such an amazing woman! I have no idea all that you've been going through and I'm sorry we've lost touch. Every time you write I am amazed. You shine! Your kids take after you. :) Love you!

Clancypants said...

This was dated Nov. Is that correct? I love you and miss you.

triplej said...

Love you Britta!!

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