Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Me and Gloria

Dear Ms Gaynor, We will survive! There is a game that I can't stand. So much can I not stand it that I made it a quiet goal to beat the he** out of it...and I did but it wasn't easy and I hated it the whole time. What I hated most about this game was that I just plain sucked at it. Check out my arch nemesis / new bff to the left!

Mark on the other hand, could pick it up and whiz through it like nobodies business. He has a mind for numbers and puzzles and loves to problem solve. Me, not so much. Personally if I had a motto it would be something like, 'Just Fix It'. Not, fix it and show me how but just do it and don't hurt my head with the details.

There is a rising up within me though and I'm tired of just rolling over, putting my head in the sand and doing the Duffy. Hence began my 3 day quest to kick the crap out of it...and I did AND I proudly am the reigning champ at a whooping 37 seconds. I earned it and it feels good. Yes, it's the small victories that count! I am certain the I killed many brain cells during that process.

Something else I suck at...planks! Um yeah. If I had any muscle mass at all it might not be something I hate with all of my heart. Just as with my 15 Puzzle mad blitz, I am determined to become the master of the plank. Check out the image to the right and imagine doing that with zero muscle and a whole bunch of chub. Awesome! It's going to take far more time then my 3 obsessive days of madness that accompanied my last small victory but at some point with a while lot of effort, there will be no sad look upon my face and I will survive!

On the B Side: It feels amazing to make choices, take control and make a difference! I working out and oddly enough my least favorite part is the cardio crap. I'm learning all kinds of new things and love the sore muscles that remind me that I started the process and am making progress. Forward motion, people, forward motion!

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triplej said...

If you have chub...I am obesely chub....work on sista and help me while you are there! To all the sweat, tears and heartache associated with being in SHAPE!