Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Has Time for Details?

Mark called this morning and said, 'I know you put gas in your car last night. Good job'. I was perplexed and curious and was directed to check my text messages. This is what I found...He was kind enough to remedy the situation for me AND snap a pic. Let's face it, I was lucky to make it to a gas station. That light had been on for days. Seriously, who has time for this stuff?

On the B Side: I was on my way to a jewelry party hosted by the infamous Lizzo and I did manage to score myself a fabulous purse (that I spent a significant amount of time petting simply because I love it so much) and some killer Christmas presents! The fact of the matter is that I made it to the party and safely home (and yes, that is SNOW surrounding my big, black beast!)

3 shout outs:

lizzo said...

I love you for this post... every word.

Amanda said...

Your just going to have to open it again at some point so why close it? Kinda like making your bed!!

Kristin said...