Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giggle Boxing

Today I awoke to the sound of the kids giggling in their room. They were playing well and carrying on the funniest conversations. Dayton came out to ask me if I could, 'whip up some popcorn'. His favorite food is popcorn...with loads of butter! He takes after his Grandpa John and while the popcorn kills my stomach but I say that I do indulge more than I should! I did receive a case as part of a Mother's Day gift so it's been a good excuse ;)

On the B Side: I love when the kids get along well and enjoy life together. Even as little people they tend to worry quite a bit and I don't want them to miss out on a thing. I want their childhood to be filled with whimsy and magic so that no matter what happens and no matter where life takes us they will always be able to look back and smile. xoxo

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JennJam said...

There is nothing more precious than the laughter and giggles of the little ones you love, is there?
(Unless, of course, you get to be the one causing it, hee hee!)

I try to capture moments of genuine laughter from my little nieces and nephews b/c I never want to forget what each of them sounds like when they're 'this age.'

What a way to wake up, huh? :)

Steve said...

That's the stuff that makes waking up early worth it!

Steve said...

Ooops...that last comment was Liz...and so is this one.

Jamie said...

The children are absolutely adorable, and it is a good day when they play nicely together.

Rebecca said...

love it - I've always said the best sound in the world is the sound of a childs laugh/giggle

Rebecca said...

p.s. really like your blog. the new colors and layout are nice