Thursday, March 19, 2009

'Cause I Want to be a Dentist!

Not really but that song from, 'Little Shop of Horrors' is stuck in my head. I did decide to give my blog a face lift in anticipation of an upcoming writing assignment/contest I will shortly be entering.

I opted for 2 columns rather than 3 as to optimize the space for writing and take away from of the business of it all. I'm curious to see how others feel about the 2 vs. 3 column layout. Hit me!

On the B side: It's Thursday and whatever bug it was that griped me seems to be clearing up! Just in time too.

6 shout outs:

Mic and Jazzy said...

I'm a fan of the two column- more space for words and stuff. Makes it easier to read.

OK so NEXT Thursday at stone hedge we are ON.

btw, my word verification is dentigua. like dentist. coincidence??

Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Clancy Pants said...

Ewwww... yucky picture. I dig the two column. Dig the green/black layout. Very nice, my friend!

Rebecca said...

two is better than three - easier to read; less distraction

Kristin said...

I like two columns better too!

triplej said...

I really like your 3 column layout, but the two is easier to read. What contest...the spa thing. I hope so. You will win. BTW...Little Shop is one of the classics!