Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Fab Five

1. Ask me how much I yuv Koug? Can't wait to go to East Canyon tomorrow!

2. Scared of me buying Boca! Glad to be going more towards a healthy life style. Rock on Kaci!

3. Looori's home today! Feel better, Pookie! See you Sunday?

4. Sassy Sarah stopped by for 2 seconds today. Come back soon!

5. Shay, Zach and Cade came over for a play date. How lucky are we?!

On the B Side: Life will be evern better when Rebecca gets her bottom back from Cali and Shell quits galavanting!! Hurry home ladies!

2 shout outs:

Kaci said...

Trust in Boca, breathe the Boca...rub the the Boca. :) XOXO

looori said...

You called me Pookie like my sister does! That's funny!! I totally want to come over on Sunday. I should be feeling better by then, considering I just slept for 12 hrs and finally swallows the ball of snot in my throat!

Hope you have/had fun with Koug!