Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Shoot Me

...and you thought it was just a silly show starring David Spade! Oh no, it's so much more than that. The reality is that I am now officially 39 weeks pregnant and 'just shoot me' is definitely my theme for the week!

Don't get me wrong. It isn't that I can't handle the physical discomforts. I think you just adjust and it becomes your normal. I can live without the sleep. I can live with the crazy leg cramps and rolling in and out of bed/the car/chairs. I can live with the extra weight (even though I hate it) and I really don't even mind the diabetes all that much. I can manage my limbs going numb and it doesn't bother me too much to have insane heart burn on a regular basis. I'm so over being frustrated and running to the bathroom at regular intervals and the rumble in the bronx that takes place inside my tummy doesn't hurt all that much anymore either.

What is killing me? What's killing me is that I am terribly impaient. I have always been impatient and I just can't wait! We've been preparing for this little one for some time now and it honestly feels like an eternity. I am so painfully excited that I can barely stand it! The uncertainty doesn't work for meand even though we're scheduled to go on in Saturday morning that still leaves me with way too much time to think. Part of me was hoping that we would just go into labor and the other part of me just wants to fast forward to Saturday. UGH!!!!!!!

On the B Side: I know that either way she will be here so soon and I am *trying* to be thankful for that!!!!!!!!!! Just HUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!

4 shout outs:

Teh Andrew said...

Hey kiddo! You're 39 weeks?! Holly had Trent at about 40 weeks, I think. She was WAY uncomfortable, too. Are you getting an epidural?

But yeah, Holly had da baby on July 3rd. Everything was excellent, just a little of the Jaundice. I'll post pictures on his blog soon :)

Michelvis said...

WELL, despite how you're feeling, you really do look terrific and manage to remain upbeat and positive AND you are still finding time to come cheer me up and bring Cafe Rio after a really bad day. She'll be worth all the wait.

P.S. I've got my glove on!

Clancy in Idaho said...

You're darned cute, despite all that impatience! Sorry it's not "happened" yet! You are adorable all the same...

Kristin said...

Well, you've got me beat. I mean, I guess I can handle all the discomfort. Like you said, it becomes the normal, but I still hate it.

Good for you... she'll be here before you know it and then you'll be wondering where the time went.


P.S. Did you get my e-mail a week or two ago about lunch?