Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ThingsThat Must Go

The Radio From Hell show does this list regularly. I've never submitted anything and while it seems quite inappropriate for the time and season, I am posting my own list anyway. Sigh.

Things That Must Go;
1. People who make turns while driving and change lanes in the process. It's as if you feel entitled to pick whatever lane you so choose simply because you are turning? No. No. No. Not only is it rude but it's dangerous. While you may think it's fine to jeopardize your own safety, DO NOT jeopardize mine. Yeah, thanks.

2. People who steal other people's parking spots. Let's forget that I was patiently waiting with my turn signal on. I remained civil. I did not honk my horn at you, flip you the bird or offer any choice words. I do think that that is inconsiderate and p.s. the fact that your wife uses a cane is not an excuse to be rude. Keep your ignorance to yourself.

3. People who use the Express Checkout Lane who obviously do not qualify. No, it is not necessary for anyone to count the items in your basket. It's apparent to all that you do not belong in this lane given the crazy amount of stuff you are purchasing. While I patiently waited I did not grimace (even though I wanted to), particularly given that you literally butted in front of me and about 3 other people.

4. People who suddenly take an interest in something because you have touched it, picked it up or examined it more closely. Really? There are like a bazillion other things in the store. Have some consideration and if nothing else, don't make it so obvious. It's just annoying and the fact that you are practically falling on me in your self inflicted process just sucks. Ugh.

5. Moms and their big, ol' honking strollers! Look, I understand. Really, I do. I have 4 kids. I get it. However, I refuse to join your aisle clogging, space dominating ranks. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is for the rest of us to squish and squirm around you and your all encompassing awkwardness? It's so not worth it. Believe me.

6. Walmart. Enough said.

On the B Side: I fully realize this is not a nice post. I just feel *meh* today and this is what is on my mind in the crazy hustle and bustle that characterizes this time of year. Surely I am grateful for people who do not partake in these thoughtless behaviors.

8 shout outs:

Looori said...

Your #1 is my #1 as of tonight!! My smashed car is the result of some A-hole making a unexpected move on the road! Damn teenagers!

bv said...

I'm so sorry, Looori! I read that on your blog. That stinks :( What on earth are you doing awake tonight so late, lovey??

Lois Grebowski said...

Oh, I sooooooo identify with this list. And I know I've told you my Wal-Mart theory....Hate the place, but sometimes it's a necessary evil.

lizzo said...

Mean posts are funnier, just read my blog.

Kaci said...

Yikeroni's B!! Walmart is ca ca!

Krispy said...

"People who suddenly take an interest in something because you have touched it, picked it up or examined it more closely."

This is such a strange phenomenon. I had a lady literally follow me around a department of Nordstrom the other day from rack to rack, looking through the exact clothes that I had just examined. It creeped me out so bad I had to leave!

Laura said...

haha..I like your Things that Must Go list. I have one too, I call it my BOO list. I laughed at the monster stroller. lol..curse those monster strollers. And Walmart. ugh..yet I still go there because it's cheapo

Kristin said...

Sad to admit it, but I disagree with #5... it can totally be worth it.

To the rest... amen.

And I love that *meh*... it is actually very descriptive for me.