Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday's Fab Five

Yes, it's that time again! Here's this week's highlights dedicated to the ones I love;

1. Adi can roll from her tummy to her back! Yeah, that's right. Cause' that's how my girl rolls...

2. Dayton has been keeping his hands to himself at school and has had 3 great days in a row! It's tough when you're 6. I love seeing that kid put his mind to something and work towards it!

3. Kayla started with her tutor and loves it! This is really going to help her and also help us help her. Nothing feels as satisfying as progress and accomplishment. She's on her way!

4. Ellie's super attentive, independent, secure and passionate side has been ignited by her ballet/tap class. I love to see that girl flourish! The smiles are endless and she just beams.

5. Mark is a kinder, gentler man. No idea what has caused the softening but I did love seeing his tears well up at Glenn Beck's presentation of the Christmas Sweater. Sigh.

On the B Side: A huge storm is blowing in again today. It's Friday with the weekend on it's way in as well. I'm home in my jams with the babe working away. We're snuggled up in warm blankets with German pancakes in the oven with Christmas around the corner. Survey says: Perfection! (spoken with a French accent!)

5 shout outs:

Laura said...

mmm...I love me some German pancakes. I love those! My family has made them for yrs. And we aren't even German! At all. Especially me. I love your blog Britta :) I read the swap time ladies blog & how ladies have been stood up with the swap. Sad! and shame on the stander uppers!

Marcy Stott said...

Doesn't get much better than that!!

Good job Adi She's going to be a mover and shaker in no time. Yeah Kayla, Ellie and Dayton. I'm excited for all of you.

I thought you couldn't go to Glen Beck? I'm glad you guys got to see it, even though you missed an even better show last year!
I need to start my own Friday's Fab Five - maybe today.

Linda said...

I can't say that I've ever had German Pancakes but they sound wonderful. I would like outside to see if our snow has stopped yet but if it has, I would then feel compelled to shovel and shoveling and my back are a bad combination! Still, Amanda needs to get to the train station tomorrow for the beginning of her Christmas trip to Puerto Rico - the lucky kid!

Thank you for all of your comments over on my blog and I've been meaning to ask, did you ever go to see "Twilight"??

Kristin said...

Have I mentioned how much I love and adore you? If not... it's a LOT! I love to read and feel your love for your family. It makes my heart swell and I love it. Thank you! xoxox

Clancy In Idaho said...

Family... isn't it a beautiful and grand design?!!! :)