Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bonus Time, My Grown Up Christmas List and Angel and a Pest

I filled my tank (and I do mean tank i.e. ozone delepleting beast that fits all of the kids) for $31.00 yesterday! BONUS!

Our new ward is amazing and there is a French Family who just moved in recently. La Famille Gentils and for those of you frenchies, is that not the sweetest name ever?! We finally also scheduled Adi's blessing...TRIPLE BONUS!

My Mom is still at home in bed but feeling better. I scored her a killer appointment with Potty yesterday who hooked her up. It pays to have friends who are ofice staff. BONUS!

Here is my grown up Christmas list; Abba Shampoo & Conditioner, Pot Holders for the Kitchen, a mini tramp for indoor aerobic activity and 'Broken Things to Mend' written by big Jeffy! Simple right?

Last night was Family Home Evening. After dinner we read, 'A Light Unto the World' and the kids were super attentive and had tons of questions. We hate sugar cookies as a treat and made gingerbread house #3 for an activity. The roof stayed on this time!!!!

This evening the big kids will be gone so I'm meeting up to claim my Mary Kay gifty and then I'm headed to the parenting class hosted by Jordan School District to sharpen my skills.

This week's angel is the homeless gentleman off of exit #11. He stood in the wet snow with a small sign, bless his heart. I gave him the last $6 in my wallet. He was patient, polite and offered gratitude. It was one of those small lessons and it felt good to help in some small way.

This week's pest is the nearby neighbor who talks loudly and with a very poor mouth. She has a child with her and speaks like a pirate on crack from Jersey. It breaks my heart that not only does she impose such garbage on my children but she also exposes her own little moonbeam to such rubbish. Ignorance is not bliss nor is it an excuse.

On the B Side: My car heats up super fast! I had forgotten how cold Utah winter mornings can be!!! xxox

3 shout outs:

Girly Stuff said...

That is the saddest Christmas list I have ever read...but if you don't get everything on it...that would be even sadder! You are easy peesy!

It's in the 70's today...love it!

Ivanhoe said...

Stay worm, hon. Hope you get everything on your list :o) I have nothing on mine. I needed a watch with second hand for my school (taking vitals) and hubby got it for my last weekend. That was my only wish :o)

lizzo said...

Are you in the love and logic classes? If so, I'm jealous! I wanted to take them this term but wanted Steven to join me so we're not taking them until he's home for good.