Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where Does All of the Time Go?

So much has happened in the past week! I have a bazillion pictures from both Dayton and Ellie's Graduations to post, housing drama to deal with, a rain filled three day weekend and the stomach flu!

I loved the rain over the weekend! It totally reminded me of home in PA and always makes everything great! I got a ton of cleaning done and also packed some more of our stuff up. What I didn't count on was a 4 day run of the stomach flu that kicked my butt and got me admitted.

After some serious love care, Zofran (and a few other drugs I don't remember), blood draws and several bags of IV fluids I was one tired lady but will admit that the next day I felt like a rock star AND I know know my way around the new facility where I will deliver ;) Poor Marky is stuck with the bug now and seems to be the last of the 4 of us here to suffer through it.

I have lots of good news and cute pics to share but I have to get my work done some time ;)

On the B Side: I'm so excited that it's almost June! I love this time of year and can't wait to pick my babies up from school today! I feel a renewed and strengthened perspective and am so excited about life!!!

6 shout outs:

Clancy in Idaho said...

Dude. You not only FEEL like a rock star, but you ARE a rock star! I'm sorry you had to spend some time in el hospital, but you sure are looking at the bright side of things. Can I borrow some of your light? :) Looking forward to the 14th!

Kristin said...

Here, here to Clancy's comments. You are amazing... I can't believe I asked you earlier how your weekend was and you said nothing about the flu... just how much you loved the rain. You are so positive... something I seriously need to work on. Sorry about the hospital visit, but glad you're feeling better now. I'm excited for the next post that you'll hopefully have time to write!

Michelvis said...

My perspective is much different than the two butt kissing comments that proceded mine. Rock star my arse! I think you're a tulle for ditching me for The Cure concert with AN HOURS NOTICE!
Blog about that mud butt!

" I feel a renew and strengthened perspective and am so excited about life!!!" Nice sunshine you're shoving up everyone's bum. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth and now need my own I.V.

Britta said...

Wow...Michelle are you taking ugly pills or what?! Are you forgetting that I was the one who paid mucho bucks for one of my favorite performers and then wasn't able to go see them???

PS - The concert started at 9, I let you know I was sick AND I called you at 4:30 with a definitive answers grumpy girl!!!

Clancy in Idaho said...

LOL! You and Michelvis are having some sparks flyin'. I'm getting singed here, girls!

Here's a little water to douse the flames....

Michelvis said...

LOL, you know I'm in trouble when she uses my full name.

I meant that you ditched me with an hours notice before dinner lady. You can never call me ditcher AGAIN.