Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tag, We're It!

Angela tagged Dayton and Ellie with 10 Things You May or May Not Know About Me.

Here's Dayton's List;
1. I am a sensitive and affectionate kind of guy. If I was a Care Bear I would be Tender Heart. I love to hug people and I'm big time into snuggling!
2. I was a miracle baby! Everyone said I wasn't possible and unexpectedly I arrived on Canada Day in 2002 against all odds. I knew it all along!
3. I love my Dad. Even in the delivery room I was searching for his voice and have always been his little buddy. Maybe some day I'll be as big as he is.
4. I love to ski! I have strong legs, can cut turns, ski off trail and hit the moguls. I enjoy my lessons cause I GOT SKILLZ!
5. One of my favorite things to eat is caramel rice cakes with peanut butter (Shellbait rocks!) but if I had my way I'd live on raspberries, strawberries or an unlimited amount of butter (not on the berries!)
6. I go to all day Kindergarten at La Petite Academy. I really like my teacher Miss Kari and have 11 friends in my class but only 3 of them are girls. Arianna and I hug but only on Mondays.
7. I like to play the computer and I really love to play Star Wars Legos on my Dad's game system. When I'm at Mom's I mostly play UNO and I'm the King, baby!
8. I like to dance in the shower!
9. I sleep with my "Grandma Packer" blanket every night! It was my Dad's when he was little and even though I've out grown it I just like to have it on me at night (even under my Spiderman blanket!)
10. I lost my first tooth and was so excited to find out yesterday that my first grown up tooth is coming in! I'm running with the big dogs now!

and one more thing...GO UTES! That's all.

Here's Ellie's list;
1. I am a girly girl through and through. I insist upon wearing skirts everyday and love to have my nails painted with Mommy Amy.
2. I have a personality the size of Texas but I am discriminate as to who I share it with. You must earn my trust!
3. I have my ears pierced but I REFUSE to change out my earrings because I am certain it will hurt! We tried once and it was just bad news. Way to go Mom.
4. I have a freckle on my left hand that I call an "Angel Kiss". It's simply beautiful, Mom's favorite and always tells me which hand is my left! ;)
5. I love sparkly shoes and mostly I don't care if they match or not! I'm my own person, you know?
6. I am a smart little girl with a mind of my own. At 8 months I was doing sign language and am already ahead a year in school! That's Ms. Smarty Pants to you!
7. I pray for all of he people, puppies, kittens and babies in the whole world each night. I'm a doll, I know.
8. I like to read and be read to.
9. I love to color and draw! You have no idea how many wonderful things I create each day. Just call me an ARTISTE!
10. I love to help! I will help with just about anything...even cleaning the toilets! Mom says this makes me a hot commodity ;)

and one more thing...I talk AND giggle in my sleep! I know, cute, huh?!

There you have it folks! I had a lot of fun with this one and hope Clancy's Mac/Ella/Ro RO and Shellie's Dalley Boy/Kate do too! TAG, YOU'RE IT KIDDOS!

On the B Side: I love the little people in my life!

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Michelvis said...

\hey there-- we're having a blast and i can't wait to see you and the kiddos really sad about coming home but i need my family.

p.s. your mom is incorrect..marilyn manson was his intention...he said he was that "rock star guy" and lori said "marilyn manson??" him: "YES THATS THE ONE!"