Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Activities

After work yesterday I met up with Amy and the kids to see Dayton's pal Christian. Dayton has been doing really well with his listening skills and now we're going to focus a little bit on Ellie to extinguish some of her baby behaviors.

Last night Mark and I babysat for Marcy and Jeff. Their three kids were full of spunk and kept us on our toes. We crashed shortly after they left and slept in until 8 AM. I was able to iron Mark's shirt and pants for work before I cleaned up quick and ran to my Mom's.

We had breakfast at our favorite little place; The Normandy Cafe and it was delicious! We met up with CrAmy Cakes to clean Mike and Michelle's place. Between the three of us in an hour and twenty minutes we busted out the high traffic living areas and were able to make a difference. Special thanks to both my Mom and Amy for their selfless service today!

My Mom and I hit Target together and then we went back to her place so I could assist with her resume and application as part of the hoop jumping for Jordan District. I then picked up a few things to help the kids with some bed time issues that should provide some consistency and perhaps make things easier on everyone!

I dropped that stuff off and came home to indulge in a warm bath and the books I picked up on the way home at Deseret Book! I started reading, "And They Were Not Ashamed" and enjoyed my baked potato from Wendy's!

Micci and Jazzy
were here so I got to get the the upload on their home hunting today with their Realtor. They have it narrowed down to some really cute town homes in Riverton and now I wait for my Marky Mark to come home for our date night!

So much for cleaning our home! For now I am going to drift off to sleep while watching the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon as I adore Jack Black!!

On the B Side: I am grateful for days like this! I love being away from work and accomplishing various tasks. It feels so good to be productive!

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