Monday, February 4, 2008

Betty Davis Eyes

Ellie had her first eye exam with an Optometrist this week (thanks for the referral ShayE!). She was so big and brave and so excited about her new pink glasses that she picked out all by herself! Unfortunately she has hyperopia because her eyes are small and compact. Doc suspects she will grow out of it but the glasses she will sport now will help her eyes to relax and minimize the risk for a lazy eye (or two!) later.

Of course the Doc commented on how tiny she is (yes we know) and also how very smart she is (and thank you!). She knew all of her letters and smiled through wearing the 'pirate eye patch' and the crazy 'glasses' that he looked through to see in her eyes. She folded her hands with her fingers laced and sat so quietly. We fit her little face for two pairs of glasses (we needed something for when she isn't wearing pink!).

I got busted out by Dayton when I picked her up from school. Before I even knew that I had been spotted he was behind me with his coat on and his backpack in tow. They were both tired and hungry so we packed up and made a small family trip out of it!

On the B Side: I am grateful for people who dedicate themselves to learning and training to care for others. The doctor today was so nice and super knowledgeable.

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