Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Part II

Tonight was Thanksgiving with my family. My Dad is still in town and we made arrangements to have all three kids for church this afternoon and dinner despite the fact that it was the off weekend. My Mother-in-law came up from Lehi and my Mom and Mikey made the trip from Holladay. Wih, Jazzy and Micci also graced us with their presence.

The London broil was delicious and was not complete without the funeral potatos! The kids decorated the Christmas tree and enjoyed the fun prizes Wih brought them. We all laughed quite a bit and had a nice time.

Wih brought me some burlap to remedy my three trees on the front porch and my mom brought the kids some fruit. We have way too many desserts in the fridge!

We were late for Church today again but nonetheless we were there. Sharing time was fun and my class was really well behaved today. The lesson was on tithing and the object lesson was of ten apples, one of which goes back to Heavenly Father. At that point the apple is cut and shared with the class to demonstrate that these resources and shared with others. I can't claim that as my own but it was a powerful demonstration!

My family now sleeps and I was thinking about rearranging the Christmas decor on the tree as to dispurse it. All of the ornaments are in the front around three feet from the ground! It makes me smile and for that reason I think I'll leave it as is for tonight!

On the B Side: I am grateful for memories. I love making them. I love thinking about the ones we have made and I love learning from them. I love memories!

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