Friday, June 17, 2011

Peace Out

Time moves very quickly and life can become chaotic. Between the demands of work, three small children and everything else that hits, it can be a little overwhelming . More than anything at this point in my life, I crave peace. I love the quiet moments that allow me to regroup, gather my thoughts, dump whatever is on my mind that need not be there and just breathe. I am a girl that loves to have a plan and it is after those quiet moments that I quickly create my lists, organize my thoughts and come up with a strategy to make it all work.

Yesterday I walked to the school to meet up with the kids to walk home with them. They were not expecting me and took a different route. Normally, this would have sent me into a blind panic but for whatever reason yesterday, I was at peace. I * felt * peace and it * felt * so good. With that peace came hope. Hope is encouraging. Refreshing. Needed.

The sun was out and was warming my face. The wind was gently blowing my hair and I was HAPPY. Happy to be out and about. Happy to be mobile. Happy to be healthy. Happy to have three really great children. Happy to have a career that I love. Happy to have a home. Happy to have meaningful relationships with friends and family. Happy that I am able to make it all work on my own.

I continued to walk home happy as a clam at high tide. I met the children a block or so from home and I was elated to see their sweet little smiling faces. They add so much depth, meaning and purpose to life and I love them so much. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Peace. Hope. Happy. It was all mine! I felt recharged. I felt a renewed energy and was spurred forward.

On the B Side: Words do little justice to what I FELT yesterday. I wanted to bottle it up and save it for another moment in time...a moment when I felt weak and inadequate and unsure how to proceed. We are all faced with those less than pleasant moments. Being able to think above those negative feelings and remember the positive ones is crucial. Oh how I love and cherish those sincerely happy moments that fill your heart with gratitude! Mmm Mmm good <3

4 shout outs:

Kristin said...

Love it! And love that feeling too... it would be so nice to bottle it up and save it for those less-strong moments, but for me, that's why I write it down... kinda' like bottling it up. It's nice to hear from you!

Kate said...

I need a moment like that. Thanks for letting me live through yours. ♥

triplej said...

Great post!!

Crystal Valentine Garner said...

OH amen sista!!! How I wish I could bottle those moments of peace, hope, and happiness. When those tough times hit-that would be SO nice.
Good thing we can dig deep and pull them out if we try hard enough.
I love your blog and your ability to write. You have a gift of words.
Love ya!