Friday, May 2, 2008

An Iron Maiden at Heart

In little ol' Danville Pennsylvania the mascot is the Iron Men given the historical significance of my home town. I miss it terribly but alas, I digress. The mascot is but a mere image is that of a posed bicep with bulging muscles. The only thing stranger than that are the school colors (which really are the town colors) of purple and orange! Yes, I was officially an Iron Maiden!

Today out office site had a team building activity for us consisting of a morning at the movies to watch, 'Iron Man'. I was skeptical and decided at the last minute given some prompting to attend and I a so glad that I did!!

While the movie was not something I would recommend for children it was nonetheless AMAZING! Robert Downey, Jr. was AWESOME! Above all else I was so excited that he is making such a killer come back and I loved the irony highlighted in the movie as it relates to his real life run ins with alcohol! He's a great sport and not at all what i would have imagined for a role like this but it works and it works well!

Keep in mind that I'm not really into action packed adventure movies about super heros (although Dayton and I do enjoy Spiderman together). I went into this one expecting to nap and from the get go it was engaging and the character development was rich. Four stars for this one and the shoot em' up scenes are the only thing that keeps me holding back that final star.

I will admit that after the movie the guys in the office were rolling their eyes at my analysis. Watching it reminded me of the aspiring rice cartel in China trying to take the form of OPEC given the undying desire for money in this crazy world of ours. It also struck me of the wars currently raging in our world and for that reason it was somewhat hard to watch at certain points. I'll stop before I subject anyone else to my random thoughts!

Regardless, I only cried once and remained awake the entire time! It really was a great flick and should certainly be seen over 'Made of Honor' this weekend! Today I felt like an Iron Maiden all over again! Now ladies dig up a babysitter, grab your hubbies and go enjoy yourselves Iron Man style! Iron Man did Danville proud!

On the B Side: I love when something catches you off guard. You form some kind of opinion based on limited information and then BAM! You find out you were way off base and really had no idea. These are moments that serve as ephiphanies that help us to see ourselves and our lives more clearly and allow us to shed pre-conceived notions. It's just too easy to form judgements and live in our own little paradigms! I love it when I suprise myself without even knowing it! Please tell me you've been there!

5 shout outs:

Clancy in Idaho said...

never even heard of this show! (but I never hear of any shows...) I'll have to check it out! I love comic booky super hero kind of shows! X-Men is my absolute favorite! :)

Britta said...

that's funny! one of the members of our management team was mocking me because i'd never heard of it either other than dayton begging for an ironman toy from burger king!

it reallly was a great show! the coolest thing about this super hero is that he's self made...he's brilliant and sets himself about for that reason!

Fiagle Family said...

We havent seen it yet but I just dont know about him being a superhero! Wheres the hunky iron man?? hahaha. I just saw Made of Honor and although it was cute it really is the same as Julia Roberts My best friends wedding. I ugess people are out of original ideas!

Kristin said...

I hadn't heard of it either... until I read your blog, then I went online to see the preview. Maybe we'll go see it. It looks okay (I'm not loving Robert), but then I'd be able to get a feel for your taste.

Britta said...

Amanda and Kristin, Robert is the last dude I would imagine pulling someothing like this off! Honestly I didn't even know he was in it and then when I figured out that he was going to be the hero I wasn't buying it BUT he pulls it off and is magnetic!! I love that this super hero is self made due to his intelligence. He turns his life around and does some good and although I don't generally go for this kind of thing I'm anxious to see it again!